Multipurpose Hand Forged Herb Drying RackThe Mountain Man is always fabricating, creating and manufacturing useful items for our homestead.  Sometimes it is necessary for us to manufacture things to fit our needs, to improve the modern day counterparts and to allow us to do unique and creative things here.

Many of these tools will benefit you as well so once we create these items we add them to our site so they benefit you as well.

Our Multipurpose Hand Forged Herb Drying Rack is not only perfect for those of us that are drying our home grown herbs, flowers and medicinal plants as well as all those wonderful things in nature that we forage.

Multipurpose Handforged Herb Drying Rack with Lantern Hook Broken Down

In addition to its drying abilities this whole hand crafted unit comes apart for easy storage and cheaper shipping.

You can put this together and only utilize the top rack for drying extremely long things.

This hand forged rack could be used to hang kitchen utensils, jewelry, scarves, hats, lanterns and honestly the sky is the limit based on your creativity, but I personally can envision SO many uses for this.

If you would only want to use this rack for drying and would put it away at the end of the season, you will be able to utilize our lantern hook that comes with it for an indoor plant, lantern or what have you.

I think this is such a useful hand forged piece and I am excited to present this to you.

We are accepting pre-sales on this item right now at a discounted rate and upon our return from GA and my surgery, we will start packaging and shipping them on March 1st.

To see more of our hand forged items, visit:

8″ square by 12″ between layers


10″ square by 12″ between layers


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