Importance of Proper Gear in your Survival Pack

This is SO important!  Having the right things in your pack is comparable to wearing the right shoes in a race!

You wouldn't run a race in ski boots and you need to take what you are putting in your pack very seriously.

There are essential things that you need to consider.  Let's break them down.

Things you NEED to have:

  • Something to provide shelter such as a tarp or additional clothing to keep you warm
  • A means of fire starting
  • A means of boiling water or purifying water
  • A Knife or Multitool

These are of utmost importance.  You can only go 3 days without water and it is not safe to drink water without purifying it.  Without a way of keeping your body warm, your core temperature will drop and hypothermia will set in.  You can go longer without food, but with a sharp tool you have a way of harvesting food and also processing it, if need be.

Our family has two different packs, our pack we carry all the time which is a short term pack and would get us by for 3+ days with the supplies as well as our knowledge.  We also have our long term pack which is equipped with not only our necessities, but additional items to prolong our stay in the elements.

In the video below, I will talk to you about what I carry in my short term pack and why:

Contents of my short term survival pack:  http://youtu.be/5_b6Rq6eajU

We put a great deal of thought into our packs and we will discuss that further in my post titled – How We Choose The Right Gear.

But for now, let's discuss our essentials as broken down in the video.  I carry multiple knives, fire starting devices, and tools because for one they are essential items, if one fails I have multiples and often my items are multi purpose which we will discuss further, but can be utilized in varying ways.

You never want to be stuck in a situation without a knife, a way of making fire or a way to sterilize water.

So if you get in the habit of carrying a lighter, a pocket knife, a paracord bracelet or a small roll of paracord in your pocket and your water bottle of choice is either stainless steel (recommended) or aluminum you are set at all times.  They do not need to be top of the line and expensive items, but those are my daily tools no matter where I am.

Now, even since my video I have added a couple of things to my short term pack as well as my long term pack because I feel they were necessities to me.  I have added 8 to 10 small vials of essential oils for health and medicinal purposes and heirloom seeds.  You will find, the more you are in the woods and you ponder what you would need in a long term situation and you will be able to focus on what things could even add more stability to your livelyhood.

We forage from the wild currently so eating will not be problem for our family and we will discuss that more in my post titled How To Utilize Bushcraft Skills and Forage From The WildBut since I cannot randomly find a tomato plant in the wild I thought I would pack some seeds with me.  The benefit of heirloom seeds in a survival situation is that if your short term situation becomes a long term situation you have seeds that will provide you food for your family and you can save the seeds from your harvest and have new seeds to plant again next season.  It is an item that will keep on giving and keep on providing and they will be things that you would not be able to find readily in your surroundings.  In addition, they do not take up much room in your packs and they will provide additional nutrition for your family.  Something else I added to my pack since this video is my Mountain Man's invention and multi-purpose fire piston called the MultiFlame Tool or MultiFlame Mini Tool.

So now you know what I carry in my short term pack and dependent where you are or your desires you may include different items.  I hope this has helped you in establishing some of the essentials for wilderness survival and in my next post we will dig even deeper here How We Choose The Right Gear.

Here are some stores that I recommend purchasing from:

Alaska Guide Creations – Bino Pack by Jaret Owens:  http://alaskaguidecreations.com/blog/store/

Trayer Wilderness:  http://www.trayerwilderness.com/

Self Reliance Outfitters:  http://SelfRelianceOutfitters.com

L. T. Wright Knives:  http://www.ltwrightknives.com/

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Wilderness Innovation:  http://wildernessinnovation.com


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I hope you gained something from this post…

What is your favorite piece of gear?

Do you need help choosing gear?



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