What To Gather For Fire Making and How To Make A FireBeing able to create a fire in a survival situation is a life or death scenario, did you know that?  If you are unable to keep your body temperature at a normal temperature or you are wet and cold and need to quickly find heat – you could easily die of hypothermia if you are unable to create a fire.

Everyone thinks it is easy to start a fire and it is just as simple as flicking a lighter and poof you have fire!!

This is not always the case and our family can not encourage people enough to get out and practice your fire making skills regularly and especially as a family!

We know how to start fires, but we still practice all the time in varying weather and to improve and increase our knowledge.

Starting a fire when things are dry is one thing, have you ever tried when there is snow on the ground, after it has rained or better yet, while it is raining?

I encourage you to do so.  Ladies and children, this means you as well!!  What if you get separated from your family – will you or your child know how to get by on their own?  That is not something I would want to question – that is something I would want to be a fact!  Allow us to educate the whole family!

The purpose of this post is to educate you on the varying forms for making a fire and the materials that can really help the process along.  The first video demonstrates modern forms of fire starting.

The 2nd video covers traditional forms of fire starting.

The 3rd video covers primitive forms for fire starting.

Note in video 3, even in a non-emergency situation that may not be an easy form of fire, BUT it is incredible knowledge to have.  Not to mention, the more you practice the better you will get.  If you are out in the woods with a knive and a shoe lace, you could do this.  So do not disregard primitive forms of fire.

Now this next video will walk you through the wilderness and show you some of the useful materials at your disposal that could easily save your life.  Do you know what you can gather in your surroundings currently to make a fire?  If not, be sure to get out exploring and find out.. 🙂

Here is also another informative video by the Mountain Man on harvesting fat wood and why.

Below you will find two other links to additional and varying other fire videos that we have produced.  We have information on solar ignition or in other words starting fire with the sun, using our MultiFlame Tool and MultiFlame Mini Tool (here is a review), our Trayer Fire Tool (here is a review), using flint and steel, using magnesium and even using Shoegoo…

Here is a link for all the fire videos on the Mountain Man’s Channel.

Here are additional links for fire videos on our Trayer Wilderness Channel.

If you are interested in seeing a new modern tool in action that is multipurpose here are three videos to watch:  here,  here and here.

Doing things as a family makes the trip so much fun and a little friendly competition is never a problem. 🙂  Get out and practice your fire skills so you can be efficient and educated in the event you need to save a life – maybe even your own…

Thanks so much for joining us and I hope this post was helpful for you and the family.

How can we help you further?

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