aftermathLeAnn sure got my attention with this book.  There have only been two other authors that I need to pre-plan when I will read their books and that is Cathy Bryant and Robert Vera, but LeAnn has joined them with her 1st book Aftermath.  I was hooked from the first page and really had a hard time putting it down.  Additionally, I would like to warn you that once you close it you will be wishing you had the next book in hand.

Aftermath is a great book for the whole family.  There are several curse words used throughout the book, but LeAnn kept it clean in that there were no “F” bombs dropped.  She did mention this book was initially geared for adults, but as LeAnn said “Some things are just not necessary”.   I loved how she kept it real and eliminated the doom and gloom and the need for zombies.

Aftermath is unlike other books in the genre in that it does not go into the gory details, take you to places that are completely unrealistic and instead of going into all the details leading up to the event it actually started after the event took place.  In reviewing books, I am always so afraid of giving away the story so my reviews can be tough to write, but the main character Jimmy Walker uses common sense, his military background and the knowledge he gained from hours and hours of research to help him make it out of the city and to his remote cabin.

He runs into struggles along the way, he encounters thieves and unpleasantries,  he also encounters wholesome people to which he joined forces in an effort to have strength in number, learns to appreciate what skills everyone brought to the table and they all learn to work together.


Although this story is about a virus that takes out all electronics across the globe and the unpleasantness that is to follow, it also reflects hope – hope in that no matter how bad things get, there are still good people out there and you can never lose faith!

I also think this book is good for families to read together.  Although we will never know when such events could take place, it is important to be prepared.  Many people today look upon prepper’s as paranoid individuals and we are personally asked often on our take on prepper’s and if we are one.  We live a lifestyle of preparedness and I feel that just like autism is part of a very broad spectrum so is being a prepper.  There are many levels to being prepared and that is why we choose a lifestyle of preparedness because EVERYTHING we do on a daily basis continues to help us be more prepared for EVERYTHING!  In my mind it is no different than have smoke detectors in your home – it is for your safety and is just a smart thing to do and so is being prepared with extra food, water and continuing to educate yourself daily or weekly with new skills and information.  Reading this as a family will give you the opportunity to discuss such events and the importance of being prepared.

Another unique thing about this book is how it started.  Mike Kosinski at actually started the story as a weekly serial on his website and when he no longer had time to keep things going LeAnn asked if she could continue things on her site.  The book  was created from 30 weeks from the weekly serial where the fans helped decide on the content and all the turns in which the story took.  Through the encouragement from her readers she turned the serial into a book.  You can join LeAnn on her website weekly for the continuation of Aftermath at  She is currently working on the sequel which is expected to be out July or August on Amazon.  You can join her newsletter on her website so you can keep in touch and stay up to date on when the next issue is released.  Another added benefit with the family is joining LeAnn weekly to do something unique and find out how the story continues….

Another plus to this book is that it will be a trilogy so when you put this one down you can be certain there will be 2 more to the series.  I encourage you to read this book  and be prepared to have struggles putting it down.

You can also join myself and LeAnn next week (May 6th) on my Mountain Woman Radio show.  You can listen in on Episode 98 here. (If you get a page not found error – please come back and listen on Wednesday)  It was a great interview and I wish LeAnn continued success on this trilogy.

Once you have read Aftermath I would LOVE to have you join me back here and share your thoughts in the comments below….





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