Well this is an exciting week for our family.  I have always had the desire to write and in 2012 I embraced that dream.

I took a 6 week writing course in March and mid-way through my teacher suggested that I query some magazines with my ideas.  We had been enjoying the New Pioneer Magazine because of their content.  They focus on pioneering, homesteading and self-reliance which is our lifestyle and right up our alley.

I submitted my queries to the New Pioneer Magazine and a week later I received an email from the editor.  I was sitting in the living room working when the email came through stating that they accepted my query.  The Mountain Man was outside and I was totally taken back by the email.  I ran downstairs and grabbed the door knob from the inside as he was grabbing the door knob from the outside.  We were both a bit caught off guard, but he was even more caught off guard when I burst into tears…  Excited tears they were, but the Mountain Man was so taken back he thought someone died.

It was an exciting day and was just the start of my writing excitement.  Over the course of 2012 I wrote seven different articles for the New Pioneer  Magazine and I am currently working on four more.

In Fall of 2012 we were contacted by the editor once again to let us know that they would like to send their photographer out to get cover pictures.  As if it wasn’t wild enough that my 1st query was accepted and I have been able to continue writing for them, but now with my 1st article going to be published they also wanted to feature us on the cover.

This is not the 1st time we have experienced God’s grace and timing.  God has played a big roll in our venture to Idaho from the beginning and to watch as the doors continue to swing open and everything aligns.  It is amazing to see his hand at work.

Nancy Tappan, the editor of the New Pioneer Magazine has been such a blessing too.   She is such a sweetheart and she is so much fun to work with.

So today I end my post in sharing our amazing news.  This week the New Pioneer Magazine has placed their 1st 2013 issue of their magazine on the shelves and my feature article is published in it as well as another article that I wrote and our family is on the cover.

New Pioneer Magazine 2013

Our venture continues and we are very thankful that ya’ll enjoy following us….

God bless!  T <3


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