A Collection of Christmas Cookie RecipesTis’ that time of year again….  WOW, where did 2014 go…  I am convinced that Idaho is in a warp time zone…

I LOVE baking and one of the special benefits for me is that my Mountain Boy enjoys spending time with me in the kitchen helping…  Most kids would be in the kitchen to be able to eat as much batter as can go undetected, but I believe my boy enjoys just spending the quality time with me in the kitchen with good music and good conversation.   Trust me – he is the 1st to sample the warm cookies, but we do really have a good time and this has become a tradition just as much as doing the summer canning together.  SO I am looking forward to a weekend of baking and memory making….

I thought I would share one of my favorite cookie recipes with you today.  This particular recipe holds a lot of special memories for me.  My Mammy would make these cookies special for me EVERY year and when I got my 1st apartment a gazillion years ago (as the Mountain Boy would say), this was the first recipe I sought after!  My Mammy is in heaven now, but I think of here ALL the time and I have special thoughts of her while baking these cookies and also while canning…  Those were some special times in my life spent with her and I am so thankful that I had that time with her and my Pap.  Be sure to create traditions with your children and grandchildren and enjoy the memory making times…



Mammy’s Sour Cream Cookies

♥  4 cups flour                                      ♥ 1 3/4 cup organic sugar or sucanat

♥  1 tsp soda                                         ♥ 1 cup thick sour cream

♥  1/2 tsp salt                                       ♥ 2 eggs

♥ 1 tsp baking powder                       ♥ 1 tsp vanilla (I use my homemade vanilla)

♥ 1 cup butter


Combine all dry ingredients together and mix well.  Cream together butter, sugar and unbeaten eggs.  Add sour cream and vanilla.  Add dry ingredients and mix well.  Drop on a greased cookie sheet and add sprinkles.  Preheat oven to 425°.  Bake for 8 to 10 minutes.

NOTE:  The cookies do not taste the same unless you use those EXACT sprinkles… 🙂  I will swear to that forever…  I don’t know what it was or why, but the cookies with those sprinkles ALWAYS tasted the BEST!!

I’d like to thank my dear friend’s for taking the time to share their wonderful recipes with me so that I can share them with you….  There are SO many wonderful recipes below and I hope that you have as much fun going through them as I did….

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 What is your most fond memory from this time of year?

 What is your favorite cookie recipe?


Tam † ♥

Photo Credit:  A Special thank you to my dear friend Tessa Zundel from HomesteadLady.com for being so kind to share her image with me when I was in a pinch!


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