the-trayer-wilderness-cookbook-volume-1-final-smThis e-book has been long awaited and I am SO excited to be able to finally present it to you!  We take great pride in our family, our lifestyle and God’s grace to us in everything that we do.  I have always wanted to write and ideally I wanted to write a book.  In 2013, God had a different plan for me and I was given an open door to contribute our story and our knowledge in The New Pioneer Magazine.  That was such an amazing opportunity and I had no idea that it would lead to SO much more.  We even ended up on the cover of the magazine that my first article debuted in!  Wow!!

Since 2013, I am now a contributing writer for The New Pioneer Magazine, American Frontiersman, Prepare Magazine, The Backwoodsman Magazine, Self Reliance Illustrated, Survivor’s Edge and occasionally in Cabin Life Magazine.  This has been such an amazing opportunity and has allowed me to reach so many people with our message.  We feel very led to share our knowledge in these uncertain times.  We focus very heavily on sharing our faith-filled off-grid living, traditional and primitive skills, natural health, wholefoods diets, gluten-free and casein free diet, harvesting, foraging, preserving, hunting, autism, living frugally & simply and so much more

We focus so heavily on a wholefoods diet, which initially started with the gluten-free and casein-free diet to help aid our son’s autism, but it has turned into a passion as well because we can see and feel the difference such a diet has on our overall well-being.  Processed foods have so many additives and preservatives that are causing many of today’s health struggles.  By simply cooking from scratch and eating a wholefoods diet you can remedy many of your ailments.

My cookbook is 72 pages our family’s favorite recipes, my tips and tricks in the kitchen as well as with essential oils in the kitchen, my knowledge on gluten-free and dairy-free cooking and Sun Oven cooking along with so much more.

I have made this book available to our very valuable newsletter subscribers for FREE!  This is in an effort to help people embrace a wholefoods diet and to help them along the way.  If you are NOT currently a newsletter subscriber, we encourage you to join us by subscribing here.   If, however, you are not interested in being a part of our weekly newsletter, you are welcome to purchase yourself a copy or even purchase one for a gift.  You can do so directly below!

I hope you enjoy my 1st cookbook and I also hope that you are able to glean some new knowledge and tips along the way!

I would love to hear from you….  Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on my book….

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1.

Here is what some of my friend’s had to say….


I was delighted with Trayer Wilderness’ new cookbook.   I don’t usually read a cookbook through, but I did this one. Tammy puts herself in the book and you feel like your visiting with a friend talking about your kitchens and your recipes.   The tips are timeless and the recipes are easily adaptable to any lifestyle. I enjoy all things old fashioned and easy. This cookbook is a treasure! I couldn’t pick just one thing to say I’m looking forward to making the most, but I will say I’m excited to use some of my pumpkins to try out her pumpkin recipes.”
– Rhonda Crank, freelance writer and blogger at The Farmer’s Lamp


Tammy Trayer is the real deal. Tammy, her husband and son really do walk their talk, live the wilderness life and have a deep passion to help others in their journey. In this cookbook, Tammy shares some of her best tips and recipes that cover cooking, baking, canning, essential oils, gluten-free, casein-free foods and imparts them all in her easy, unassuming and personable style. I love her recipes and have learned more about living off-grid, using a wood stove to cook as well as enjoying a peek inside her inspiring life on the homestead. I recommend this book to those seeking to cook and bake more simply, those needing allergy-friendly recipes or just those of us looking for some GREAT recipes and tips from someone who has learned and honed her skills by experience.
– Vickilynn Haycraft, author, Wrapping It Up, co-author of Naturally Healthy Cuisine: Real Food for Real Families, and


Your book was AWESOME! I grew up cooking with my great grandmother and both my grandmothers and you taught me a thing or two with your book. I can’t wait to try Hot Bacon Dressing, Trayer Wilderness Crackers, and Hard Honey Candy! My only complaint is the book wasn’t LONGER 🙂
– April Lewis, author of Beginner’s Guide To Zero Waste Cooking: Blogger at An Apple A Day Wisdom – Timeless Wisdom From A Single Mom In A Crazy World –


What a great primer for anyone who is wanting to go back to a traditional way of living and cooking! Everything you need to get started cooking is in this book, including lots of tips & tricks from Tammy on how to save time and money. From breakfasts to snacks to desserts, you can easily create menus the whole family will love using her delicious recipes. She even shows you how to cook using the power of the Sun. Something many of us are not familiar with! If you’re looking for a solid resource for your homesteading library, this is a must-have.
– Jessica Espinoza, author, Keeping It Real and Keeping Your Cool, co-author of Gluten-Free Snacks & 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts and Blogger at Delicious Obsessions –

Blessings to you and yours,

Tam ♥ †