Mountain Woman

mountain woman journals google plus 4We live very traditionally, off-grid in the northern Idaho wilderness in a location that does not always allow us access to the “outside world”.  Because of this we live in a very self-reliant fashion making pretty much everything from scratch.   We enjoy being creative and have handcrafted many items for ourselves.  As time went on here on our homestead these items were gifted, requested by some and words has gotten out about our handmade items.  With great pride, we now offer our items for sale here on our website. Each member of our family contributes their creativity to our store so be sure to check out the Mountain Man's and Mountain Boy's items.  In addition to our handcrafted items, the Mountain Man has also manufactured two multipurpose fire piston survival tools, the MultiFlame Tools which can also be purchased here.

I have always been intrigued by dragonflies.  The dragonfly is my business logo for my web design business at, is reflected on my freelance writing website and I felt it only fitting to carry it over to my soap line displaying it on my 4oz bars of goats milk soap.  The dragonfly represents something refreshing and new to me…

Dragonfly ~ Vivid with life, encourages you to reflect on the past and prepare for the future.

All our soaps are made with goats milk along with our essentials oils and signature scents. Our signature scent is “Trayer Wilderness”, a fresh pine scent that reminds us of our 8 1/2 months spent in the canvas wall tent on our raw land while we built our home.  It was a refreshing smell that we breathed in daily and was an aroma that we became very fond of.  This scent is both wonderful for men and women and sold together with the soy candle makes a very manly addition to all hunting cabins.

Our family takes great pride in offering quality made products and we look very forward to adding new handcrafted, hand-made items regularly.

My candles are also something that we make for ourselves that we decided to make available to others as well.

Mountain Woman Journals 4 oz Dragonfly Goats Milk Soap

4oz Goats Milk Soap


Mountain Woman Journals 8 oz Soy Candle

8oz Hexagonal Glass Jar – 100% Soy Candle


Mountain Woman Journals Soy Melting Bricks

100% Soy Wax Melting Bricks