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Mountain Man - Trayer Wilderness

Mountain Man

mountain man journals google plus 4Out here in the Idaho wilderness, each member of my family takes a part in making handcrafted items for our store.  In addition to manufacturing my MultiFlame Tools, I also have handforged many items in my smithy which you will find below for sale.  Be sure to check out the Mountain Boy’s and the Mountain Woman’s items as well.


Mountain Man Wood Gouge Mountain Man Wood Gouge

Muzzleloader Tool Set Mountain Man MuzzleLoader Tool Set

Mountain-Man-Paracord-Survival-Net Mountain Man Survival Paracord Net Light weight with endless usage such as a cot in the wilderness, hammock, hammock chair, pack, cargo net…  300 ft of cordage – a must have for all packs.  View our videos on our YouTube channel on the various uses.

Trayer Wilderness Mountain Man Knives

** NEW ** Mountain Man Knives

Designed with the trapper in mind.  These knives are made of high carbon steel,  have a very thin blade for easy skinning, have oak handles and are 7 1/4″ long with a roughly 3″ blade.   They can be purchased as a set or individually.

Trayer Wilderness Mink Skinner

Mountain Man Mink Skinning Knife

Trayer Wilderness Beaver Skinner

Mountain Man Beaver Skinning Knife

Trayer Wilderness All Around Skinner

Mountain Man All Round Skinner Knife

Trayer Wilderness Mountain Man Knives

Mountain Man Knife Set

Mountain Man Journals - Hand Forged Fire Striker

 Custom Hand Forged Fire Strike

Mountain Man Journals - Custom Hand Forged Heart Fire Striker

Custom Hand Forged Heart Fire Striker

Mountain Man Journals - Custom Hand Forged Fire Striker

Custom Hand Forged Fire Striker

Mountain Man Journals - Squirrel Roaster  Mountain Man Journals - Squirrel Roaster

Squirrel Roaster

Usable as a roaster for your squirrel or other meat.   Also will work great to make your coffee or heat your water.  The dimensions will vary because they are custom made and hand forged.  1/4″ thick x 17″ long