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Welcome To Trayer Wilderness!

We are so happy to have you join us and thought it might be best if you are new to our page to get the guided tour the first time around…

My family and I embraced our traditional 100% off-grid lifestyle in 2010.  We lived in a canvas wall tent on raw wilderness land for 8 1/2 months while we built our home.  You can read about our experience and adventures on our About Us page, but before you head there let me share with you what you can expect to find here on our site.

We feel very led to educate and inspire others to embrace their dreams and to learn new skills often.

So here is what you will find and where you can find it:

  • You can find new posts being shared weekly and they will be on the main page of our website (our archives can be found under the tabs above)
  • You will find a lot of education and amazing guests on my Mountain Woman Radio Show.  You can also Subscribe to me on iTunes.
  • Our YouTube channel is jam packed with a very very wide variety of materials for the whole family (everything we offer is family friendly which is hard to find today so we hope you enjoy)
  • We discuss, educate and share our knowledge and experience with autism.  A great place to start would be here What We Learned and Conquered With Autism
  • We offer monthly webinars to educate on natural health
  • We share our knowledge on homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, traditional/primitive living, DIY's, How-To's, From Scratch Cooking & Baking, Gluten Free and Dairy Free cooking,  animal husbandry, gardening, preserving our food, hunting, fishing and trapping, blacksmithing and SO much more…
  • You can find my writings in the New Pioneer Magazine, American Frontiersman, Self Reliance Illustrated, Backwoodsman Magazine, Survivor's Edge, Prepare Magazine and occasionally in Cabin Life Magazine.
  • You will be able to find my e-books for sale here in our store as well as all of our handcrafted goods and the survival tools that the Mountain Man has fabricated.
  • We are lining up inexpensive online classes for the near future
  • You can find us on a lot of social media platforms and we would love to have you join us….  (See Below)
  • You can find Faith filled post for Positive Encouragement
  • We hope that you will find inspiration and guidance in every post and the encouragement you need to embrace your dreams…

More importantly, though, we would be thrilled if you chose to join our weekly newsletter because our newsletter is where we really cater to our devoted audience and offer extra education, freebies, and information!

We hope you enjoy your visit and we look very forward to the opportunity to get to know you!   Please feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of our posts because we enjoy communicating and answering your questions and even more so we like the opportunity to get to know our audience.

Blessings to you and yours,

Tam, Glen and Austin Trayer † ♥


Free Food Storage Worksheets and ebook at trayerwilderness

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