Simple Life Sunday Blog Hop

Thanks so much for joining me for Simple Life Sunday.  Grab your cup of tea or coffee and sit down with me and join me while I look through all the wonderful posts everyone has shared! Before you leave be sure to share one of your favorite posts.

I'd like to thank Gregg Carter from The Rural Homestead for sharing his AMAZING post titled Faith On The Homestead – The Parable Of The Sower.  I encourage everyone today to read this post and think about it!  As Gregg mentioned and the parable shares, everything we do and say has an effect on the world around us.  God wants us to be a light to others – a positive light!  Gregg I really appreciate you sharing this and it does my heart good to see so many starting to share their faith on their websites!  More now than ever we need to share our faith and by example make others want what we have!!  Sowing the seeds right now is important and sharing God's grace can change lives – one smile at a time – one post at a time….  Awesome stuff Gregg!!  Blessings to you and yours!!

Are we sowing positive seeds?   Are we being a positive influence in the world around us??

I would also like to thank Marie from Just Plain Marie for sharing her post titled Defining Homesteading.  I really enjoyed this because she and I are living very similar lives and I loved how she shared things.  I'd would also like to thank Krystyna from Spring Mountain Living for her DIY posts this week titled DIY Kitchen Island And Cutting Space (my make shift cupboards have painters canvas as doors and my island has a crocheted table cloth attached to the sides) and her ingenious post titled Your Child Has Out Grown Their Car Seat, Now What?

I appreciate you ALL sharing your posts, it is getting SO hard to just pick one!  I would like to ask that you keep our family in your prayers.  The Mountain Man's grandfather is 83 and has declined the surgery that could save his life and at the same time end his life.  So it is just a matter of time – God's timing as to when he will be leaving this earth and joining God in heaven.  It was initially a very wild roller coaster ride for the family, but now that Pap has made the final decision and has expressed how at peace he is, the family is enjoying spending time with him and reminiscing.   At this point I would just like to ask you to pray for Pap's peaceful passing and lift the family with peace and comfort!! Love you all!  ♥

 Thank you for sharing and I would like to invite  you to join Kat's Sunday Social (our sister hop).

I look very forward to seeing what you will have to share this week!

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Trayer Wilderness


God bless you and yours and may your day be filled with Simple Pleasures!

Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><



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