Simple Life Sunday Blog Hop

Thanks so much for joining me for Simple Life Sunday.  Grab your cup of tea or coffee and sit down with me and join me while I look through all the wonderful posts everyone has shared! Before you leave be sure to share one of your favorite posts.

The Heart of Homesteading

As always, ALL the posts were amazing, but Jenna from The Flip Flop Barnyard really got my attention!!  GREAT post Jenna!!  Her post, The Heart of Homesteading, really hit home.   This is SO true and exactly what we have been trying to encourage…  Embrace your life no matter where you are and see ALL the blessings both big and small…  We are only as limited as we allow ourselves to be – we limit ourselves often times from moving forward with our fears and doubts…  We also get caught up in the struggles and miss all the blessings…  Opening your eyes to the blessings and focusing on the blessings opens many doors and when things are meant to happen they will – as Jenna stated the doors just opened and things fell into place.

Matthew 19:26  …with God ALL things are possible.

I completely, wholeheartedly and faithfully believe this….  Keep the faith, see the blessings and keep moving forward…  Embrace your dreams and don't wait – we aren't guaranteed tomorrow folks….  Thanks Jenna for sharing this – I really enjoyed your post.  I felt like I was reading my own words.  God bless you and yours and keep living your dream!

I also enjoyed A Princess, A Frog and A Football Game by The Clay Clan Cultivates….   God created each of us in such unique and special ways – it is clear that boys and girls, men and women are SO completely different, but it is also so clear how we compliment each other and where one stops the other picks up (at least for the Mountain Man and I and even the Mountain Boy and I).   We all have a special purpose in this world – we may never fully know what it is, but with God leading the way in your life – you can be sure you will touch people on your journey….   Feeling very blessed this morning to know that God is leading us to share our faith and knowledge with the world! ♥

Kristie from Family Home Health shared a FREE Recipe Card Printable also which caught my eye – I love recipes and I LOVE this time of year!

I would like to ask that you keep the Mountain Man in your prayers.  This BIG project is doing him in right now – he needs strength, wisdom, a renewed spirit and a hand of safety.

Thank you all for joining me today.

I look very forward to seeing what you will have to share this week!

Trayer Wilderness


God bless you and yours and may your day be filled with Simple Pleasures!

Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><



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