Simple Life Sunday Blog Hop

Thanks so much for joining me for Simple Life Sunday.  Grab your cup of tea or coffee and sit down with me and join me while I look through all the wonderful posts everyone has shared! Before you leave be sure to share one of your favorite posts.

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  I wanted to share a little something with you.  

When I choose my featured post each week, I allow it to really speak to me and grab my attention.  I know, I know…  That sounds a bit quarky, BUT last weeks post really grabbed me and this week I was very blessed to find out why.

It was clearly a God thing!  I refer to those moments in this way, God nudged me to share that post.  This week a dear friend thanked me for sharing that post.  It ended up that her grandson has been suffering from the exact same thing, but his health was deteriorating and the doctors still had no idea what was going on.  After reading that post she had a bit more clarity on what he was struggling from and hope of helping him.  I also provided her with samples of varying essential oils that I felt would help get his body back on track!  I am SO thankful for how God works and nudges us to share a post, reach out to a friend in need, share a smile and the list goes on and on….  Listen clearly this week and see how God nudges and speaks to you!!  What are some ways he has already done this for you?


I'd like to also thank Greg Carter from the for sharing his post titled Opportunity Knocks!  This one really screamed my name this week because it is something that the Mountain Man and I talk about all the time.  We refer to ourselves as “Embracers” and that folks is exactly why we are located in Idaho today living 100% off-grid with solar power!  We had an opportunity and we EMBRACED it!  Now why does this post really resinate to me?

Because we know SO many people that have these amazing opportunites knock and as Gregg pointed out, fear gets involved!  Fear is a beast, it causes people to question themselves and question themselves to such a degree that they talk themselves right out of these amazing opportunities!  I view fear like Gregg does and I even take it a step further.  A dear friend told me one day while we are on a walk that the Devil was resting on my shoulder because I was allowing negative thoughts to creep in and she was right, but her solution has now stuck with me for over 6 years.  When you feel the Devil and fear (to me – one and the same) creeping in and feel them taking residence on your shoulder – you need to literally take your fingers as you would a bug and flick the bugger off!!  Get rid of him and his destructive way and then continue to read Gregg's post!!

Be brave, use common sense and give your opportunity that is knocking a chance!

Gregg, as always, thank you dearly for taking the time to join me each week in sharing your materials.  Although your materials aren't chosen each week they are informative and helpful.  Thank you!  God bless you and yours and may your opportunities be fruitful and may you and your family not only prosper, but find great happiness!

Thank you all for joining me today.

I look very forward to seeing what you will have to share this week!

Trayer Wilderness



God bless you and yours and may your day be filled with Simple Pleasures!

Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><



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