#RelentlesslyFaithful Gratitude & Prayer Journal
Building a relationship and strengthening your faith muscles while finding Jesus in those quiet & reflective moments


The #RelentlesslyFaithful Gratitude & Prayer Journal is a 365 day journal designed with thoughtful additions to help cover all your needs in one place:
  • 365 journaling pages with daily inspiration and encouragement at the bottom of each page, plus a page for the leap year and 14 extra journaling pages.
  • 14 pages for your Favorite Bible verses so you can record the verses that resonate with you each year so you can add power to your life by reading them regularly and meditating on them.
  • 14 pages for your Goals, Plans, Dreams, and Desires so you can solidify your deepest yearnings by putting pen to the paper.  When we write things down, they become more concrete in our thinking, and now, in your quiet time each morning with God, you can also pray over them.
  • 52 To-Do's or Weekly Prayer List pages so when God shares ideas or those you need to pray for, you have a place to jot them down and can still stay focused on your time with Him.
I have found in my own life how valuable and life-changing it is to journal, but also how powerful it is to focus on gratitude in our lives and to seek God and his word daily!


Journal your walk with God every day of the year.  Record your hopes and dreams while scheduling your days.  Keep your favorite Bible verses close by as your faith expands.


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