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MultiFlame Tool (Fire Piston)

Our MultiFlame Tool has the same functions as the MultiFlame Mini Tool as well as an added feature for the extreme outdoorsman or woman.  The MultiFlame Tool is 8″ and comes with an adaptor for on the main shaft to provide you with the use of a 5/16″ shaft auger bit.  With an ax, small saw, the MultiFlame Tool and a little know how you would be equipped with the tools to not only build yourself a shelter, but you would be able to build yourself a cabin.   Made of aluminum it is lightweight and durable, adding less than a pound to your pack, but a lot of versatility.   Again its main function is the fire piston to provide a form of fire starting for in your pack.  The knob is removable and reveals a drilled and tapped hole for your pistol cleaning brush for a 9mm and larger.  It also has a hex opening on the other shaft for any type of 1/4″ hex bit, for example, a 1/4″ flat head screwdriver bit, a nut driver, a star bit…  There are hundreds of 1/4″ bits that will fit our tool giving a useful tool for many.  This pouch is equipped with a belt loop for easy carrying and also has two additional loops to add this larger pouch to your pack, gun sling, etc.    The MultiFlame Tool comes with the pouch, a tin with two extra o-rings for your piston, your piston itself and the auger adapter (everything you see pictured).  100% made in the USA!

Here is a link to the auger bit that the Mountain Man uses in his MultiFlame Tool:  Century Drill and Tool #38564  3/8″ shaft  and 1″ by 7 1/2″ long 

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