June 23rd, 2021: In today’s episode of Mountain Woman Radio I have the privilege to welcome back my dear friend and author Millie Copper.  Today's show differed from normal, we not only used Zoom today, but we also fed it LIVE to our YouTube channel so you can watch the replay here.

You can connect with Millie here:


Millie's author page on Amazon:  TrayerWilderness.com/MillieCopperAmazon

Purchase the newly released 10 book e-book set of Havoc In Wyoming for just $1.99 till June 30th, 2021 here:  TrayerWilderness/milliecopper

Visit Millie's Clean Post-Apocalyptic & Dystopian Fiction Group on Facebook here:  TrayerWilderness.com/CleanGroup

Enter Millie's giveaway till June 30th here:  TrayerWilderness.com/MillieCopperGiveaway (Winners will be drawn on July 1st)

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