May 5th, 2017: In today’s show, after a long healing hiatus, I am thoroughly excited to be back.  I also shared my newly published book How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle:  Our Journey & A Step By Step Look At The Lifestyle along with my testimony and healing.  My husband and I did a video sharing God's Miracles On Our Off-Grid Homestead  which is something you might enjoy listening to as well.

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Welcome to the Mountain Woman radio show which can be found on our website at and also on iTunes.

Welcome to the Mountain Woman radio show where we are homesteading traditionally 100% off today and offering preparedness and survival tips for tomorrow, here's your host Tammy Trayer.

Tammy: Hello everyone, it is so good to be back. This is Tammy Trayer of Mountain Woman Radio and you can also find myself and my family at For those of you that are new to my podcasts, my family and I live 100% off-grid in northern Idaho with solar power and we advocate on our lifestyle and traditional and primitive skill sets, wilderness survival and autism and a little bit of everything from scratch cooking you name it. So it's good to have you and it is so good to be back, I really needed a reprieve and a healing hiatus and I have a little bit of a–okay, let me rephrase that, I have a really awesome testimony to share with you guys today.

My surgery was January, 27th of 2016 so I'm well over a year past my surgery and I would like to say that the healing process is quite something with this illness and it’s very slow and long and it had many ups and downs.  This illness is one of those things where you do really well and all of a sudden I had a relapse or I pushed too many toxins and I ended up flat on my back or down for three days. It was always a new journey, every week was a new journey and sometimes even every day was a new journey. But what I have to share with you  is that for the last three or four months I have been really sick because our area is very wet and was very snowy and it was causing snow mold and mold in the area and I was exposed to a really bad mold situation and really suffered and it took that long for it to leave my system and it was still hanging on strong and on March, 24th , this is really awesome and some of you won't believe it but I'm going to share it anyway.

I was doing some of my treatments and I was really sick and I prayed for God to just heal my body and I suddenly felt different. I felt a peace come over me.  I was listening to a Todd White podcast and I love Todd White, some people think he's just really awkward you know people judge him by his looks. I think he's just got a huge heart for God and for Jesus and I love listening to him, he inspires me in such a great way. And I was listening to his podcast the same time and part way through that podcast he prayed for his audience for healing and then he prayed and mentioned that over the weekend that you would receive full healing and it has been beyond amazing to watch my men in awe of the changes in my body and how I am healed. So it has just been amazing and I just feel very, very, blessed. I feel very, very, blessed to have walked in this valley because I know that God has used me as a vessel to help others due to our video and my post and my advocacy to this illness, we have saved 14 lives that we are aware of that have reached out to us and that is just awesome.  I hope and pray there are more and I hope and pray that people will share our story. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can go to and in there you'll also find a video my husband and I did.

Today, I am out here taking a very nice long walk with my dogs in the sunshine and just embracing what will soon be spring. Spring in northern Idaho is usually a little crazy you never know what you're going to get till around July-mid July often. We already got snow on the ground the first week of July, so it's only April 4th and it is a great day.  It is my husband's birthday-the Mountain Man and it's also our anniversary. So I feel also very blessed to have such an amazing man in my life who stood by my side and cared for me and blessed me and loves me like he does. So I’m a very lucky woman and I know it and I'm very grateful for him. Some other things that have happened since I've been off the air, is God gave me enough strength and I don't–that's the only thing I can give credit for is because I don't know where else I would have come up with the strength, but I was able to finish my book.

My book was shelved when I got sick and it’s been a two year process but it's been in my head for eight years and January 10th, on my birthday, I was able to get my book on Amazon and I am so excited. It is called How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle: Our Lifestyle & A Step By Step Look At The Lifestyle.  The first chapter has our story and the rest of the book looks at Off Grid living in a lot of different angles and areas and it's not just for people that are off grid or wanting to go off grid, it certainly is a big help to them, but anybody that is looking to live a preparedness lifestyle it will greatly help you, to look at and consider all the different aspects of the life.

No matter where you are, we're in northern Idaho but you could be in Florida, let me take that back, Florida is not allowed to have solar, it's illegal in Florida to have solar such a shame-it drives me crazy but that's a subject all in itself, will do a podcast on that another time. But I encourage you to check out the book if you're looking to go off grid, it will really give you a step by step glance and look at all the details you need and I'm really excited about it, it was a huge, huge, labor of love for me and it just blows me away that I pulled that off during my healing so God is good and I'm thankful for that too [chuckles]. You can find my book on Amazon by going quickly to

It's available in print and e-book and I'm really excited about it, really excited to start getting the word out there.  My upcoming podcast will be touching on a lot of subjects from my book. I really want to be more focused and my goal with returning with the podcast is to do 15 minute podcasts no more than 20 minutes.  I know a lot of my other ones were very lengthy because we did interviews and enjoyed talking to the people and we may do that again. But right now I need to focus on my family, our homestead and my health and my body.  I'm going to do one a week and I'm going to do 15 minutes because my time is valuable and so is yours.  They're going to be quick but they're going to be powerful because they're going to be loaded with all kinds of information for you.

I'm just so excited to be back I've been wanting to get back on with you guys for such a long time but I just knew it wasn't right yet and now certainly is and we've got lots of great subjects ahead, lots of preparedness, homesteading off grid, from scratch cooking tips and tricks. So I thoroughly encourage you to join me every week and for those of you that are new, you can either find our archives on our website or you can find me on iTunes & Stitcher. And to get me on iTunes, you can simply go to take you right to the podcast so you can subscribe and I'd really like to ask you guys for a favor today. It's so helpful to get reviews on iTunes because it helps my visibility on iTunes and helps me to reach more people. So if you enjoy listening, I would really love it if youwould take some time and go over there to and leave me a review, that will just help us to help others and we can do it together.

It's been a crazy, crazy, winter out here we've had–like I said, it's been wet and snowy well we've had a lot of snow, lot of snow one point we had over four feet of snow and needed to get a bulldozer out here to plow us a path for our road. Our backhoe is broken, so I had to resort to paying a local fellow to help us out and always glad to be able to help the locals and keep our local economy going and local businesses. And then the Mountain Man fabricated one of his amazing MacGyver tools and he actually welded a plow for the front of our homestead truck and was able to maintain the road once we had the bulk of the snow removed. But we got a lot of snow this year, a lot of rain and it's been really very devastating in the panhandle of Idaho, we've gotten a lot of rain more than we've gotten in a long, long, time this time of year and roads have been washed away, eroded away, mudslides, very devastating mudslides and a lot of flooding. So it's been a real crazy time out here, we are at about 3,000 feet in elevation and our homestead is built on the rocks, so we're good and we're far enough away from the river that it doesn't affect us but I always ask that you keep the local and other people that are affected in your prayers.

It does affect us in that when we leave our homestead we can't always get where we need to go, one of the main roads going into the closest town was eroded and is nonexistent at the moment that to get a temporary roadway in place for right now, but I don't know when that will be repaired and Starry Hilder is another homesteader in the area, she's further north of us and so is Pure Living For Life.  If you're familiar with both of them from YouTube, they were really struggling in their area with some heavy duty mudslides.  Starry Hilder was really close to home. It was actually closer to a chicken coop but it was rather scary you know Mother Nature is unpredictable and can cause some really ugly things to happen. So it is important to be prepared.

I'm out here walking today, it's a beautiful sunny day, yesterday was sunny so we've had a good break in our weather, but you never know what you're going to get here it changes in five minutes. Now it's good that it's sunny, but…  Good and bad part –  it's good to have work. The Mountain Man had to start a job yesterday we were waiting for the weather to break so he could start it. He is repairing a barn roof, a very large barn roof that had collapsed due to heavy snow this year. And why I say it's bad, is because we were completing our kitchen, we moved off grid in 2010, got in the house December of 2010 and put a makeshift kitchen in place but had never finished it. So we started a video series on YouTube which you can find in the playlist under off grid kitchen completion or remodel and you can go to YouTube directly to our channel by going to and you'll find that there. But we had to shelf our completionproject right now.   We had started and it's looking awesome and I'm so excited I'm just happy, I'm happy with the progress, I'm happy with the things that are going on and I know that God is blessing us.  I'm a very patient wife because it's been like this for seven years and I'm patient because I know that my Mountain Man has such incredible abilities to manufacture and his craftsmanship is just amazing. So he will be building up the cabinetry. Right now the pantry is in place and things are moving along, I just did a video this morning of our progress we're at day seven and now our working days in the kitchen will be when it's raining so that will be when we get a chance to work on things.  I'll continue to show the progress.  Be sure to join to check it out and check out our YouTube channel, a lot of great stuff on there.

The Mountain Man is also doing a series-he's doing a series on the hand forging a fireplace set which is really informative.   We enjoy doing that kind of work and making things for ourselves because we choose to make as much as we can versus buying and we're not really into modern things they break and a lot of them are toxic depending what you're using not necessarily such something such as that but things for the kitchen with Teflon and aluminum and so we stick to our cast iron.  I don't have a lot of modern day goodies just by choice but something you can check out and I'll be doing my solar oven cooking before too awful long and getting things going there, but there's videos out there on that and canning all kinds of things and I really enjoy sharing what we do here.

But I am going to jump off of here today, I am just so glad to be back, so glad to have you listening and so thankful to be able to have a platform to share my knowledge with you and I encourage you to continue seeking more knowledge and embracing more preparedness education and your dreams. If you want to live off-grid do it, you only live once and whatever your dreams are don't live life and wait for them to be a regret they can happen.  Don't always wait for the right things to line up because they don't. So I encourage you to have a wonderful day and I look really forward to meeting back with you next Friday and sharing some more information with you guys have a great day and God bless.

You are listening to the Mountain Woman radio show where you will learn something new every week we hope you enjoyed the show and encourage you to join us at and be sure to connect with us on iTunes, remember your reviews on iTunes are very important to us and help us reach more people just like you.



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