Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 100 100th Podcast Giveaway & Going The Extra MileMay 20th, 2015: Today is quite the humbling experience for me.  It just awes me that together we have done 100 podcasts!!  WOW!!  Podcasting was not something that I ever thought of until almost 2 years ago through divine intervention and God opening that door.  You never know what he has in store for you around the next bend!! The Mountain Woman Radio has given me another platform to use to share our education, knowledge and inspiration with others!  I’d like to personally thank you for joining me each week as well as for sharing your kind words, questions and thoughts with me.  Be sure to continue to read below and get yourself entered in our HUGE 100th Podcast Giveaway!  Also be sure to spread the word and help us  Going The Extra Mile to help our wounded and disabled veterans through  If you would like to join us in Pasco, Washington on July 4th or participate from your very own location across the country, please check out    You can use the button directly below to make your donation.

Trayer Wilderness Going The Extra Mile for Camp Patriot

100th Podcast Giveaway:

There are over 25 items currently in the giveaway.  There may be other items added over the next three weeks.  The items are listed below with links to the items if you are interested in purchasing any of them as well as the link to the guest and their show so you can easily listen in.   Get yourself entered and be sure to share this with your friend’s.  We will announce the winners on the Mountain Woman Radio show on the 10th of June.  We will draw as many winner’s as there are items in the giveaway.  So for example, if there are 25 items in the giveaway there will be 25 winners!!  Many items and many winners….  The giveaway will end June 7th at 12 am PST.   The winners will be announced on the Mountain Woman Radio on June 10th.

Best of luck to you all!!


 It's About Time Transforming Chaos into Calm, A to Z  Mitzi Weinman  It’s About Time! Transforming Chaos Into Calm, A to Z  Podcast #75 Winner: P. Blair
 Anne Grady - 52 Strategies For Life Love & Work  Anne Grady  52 Strategies For Life, Love & Work  Podcast #69 Winner: S. Wright
 Cathy Bryant - Crossroads  Cathy Bryant  Crossroads  Podcast #97 Winner:  H. Zimmer
 aftermath  LeAnn Edmondson  Aftermath  Podcast #99 Winner: Karen C
 a warriors faith  Robert Vera  A Warrior’s Faith  Podcast #92 Winner: M. Hagler
 Homemade Beauty Essentials Jessica E LaneChicken Hot Topics Jessica E Lane  Jessica Knowles  Homemade Beauty Essentials & Chicken Hot Topics e-books  Podcast #89 Winner: P. Wehrmeyer
 Winds of Skilak by Bonnie Rose Ward  Bonnie Rose Ward Winds of Skilak e-book Podcast #78 Winner: R. Crank
 At Home Canning with Kendra Lynn sm Kendra Lynn At Home Canning DVD Podcast #91 Winner: D. Dowling
 The Gardening Notebook by Angi Schneider Angi Schneider The Garden Notebook e-book Podcast #60 Winner: John
 Pantry Journal & Simply Canning Sharon Peterson Sharon Peterson Pantry Journal & Simply Canning e-books Podcast #47 Winner: D. Webb
Pioneering Totday Melissa K. Norris  Pioneering Today e-book Podcast #44Podcast #43 Winner: L. McCubbin
Joyce Pierce All They Need To Know e-book Podcast #36 Winner:  A. Noskowiak
 Prepper's Financial Guide cover Jim Cobb Jim Cobb Prepper’s Financial Guide  Podcast #59 Winner:  M. Hedgcock
 Delicious Obsessions Herbal Coffee & Jessica Espinoza sm Jessica Espinoza Herbal Coffee Sampler & Keeping It Real e-book Podcast #93 Winner:  T. Spoolhoff
 Randy Lewis - No Greatness Without Goodness  Randy Lewis  No Greatness Without Goodness Podcast #50 Winner: M. E. Buchanan
 OffTheShelfpostcover Kris Bordessa Off The Shelf Podcast #65 Winner: Jonnie
 Wallet Sized Firestarters Survival Common Sense Leon Pantenburg Multi-pack of Wallet Firestarters Podcast #63 Winner: C. Feldewerth
 SFG seed packets 1280x720 sm  Jason Maytas  $25.00 Gift Certificate Podcast #46 Winner: K. King
 A Girl and A Gun Julianna Crowder Gift Certificate for A Girl & A Gun Podcast #62 Winner: B. Shiver
  How To Prepare For Most Emergencies on a 50 dollar a month budget by bernie carr  Bernie Carr  How To Prepare For Most Emergencies On A $50 Budget  Podcast #51 Winner:  Pat
 Meet Jamie Now A Life Free Of Autism  Krista Vance  Meet Jamie Now – A Life Free of Autism  Podcast #53 Winner:  T. Polderman
Bonus Items: Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Winner: W. Budro
New Pioneer Magazine Winner: Tim
 American Frontiersman Magazine Winner: J. Keith
Backwoodsman Magazine Winner: K. Curwin
Prepare Magazine Winner:  C.  Smith
Self Reliance Illustrated Winner: Valerie
Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Winner: B. Ledbetter
Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Winner:  B. Stewart
Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Winner:  Marty

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