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My Healing Protocol - Trayer Wilderness
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My Health ProtocolAs I sit here by my wood stove on this crisp 25 degree September morning (Winter is coming fast) I am doing a little bit of celebrating. After 5 days of nearly no sleep, I was finally able to rest!

I am currently a little over 8 months out from my surgery and I feel it is extremely necessary to continue to share my journey. Unlike other illnesses, this illness is harsh and is often rearing it’s ugly head.

You would think that after surgery, you can progress with a fairly normal life, but this illness is so very toxic. The body is ridden with so much garbage and it is essential that the toxins are removed slowly and strategically. I am looking at another year of detoxing and may be on certain supplements for years to come to reverse the nasty effects of these nasty devices and toxins.

If you are new to our website and have not read about or watched our video, I highly encourage you to do so. I am being very open about my personal health journey in an extreme effort to help others. The word needs to be spread and quickly!

I have been very lucky through this process really. Many women experiencing this evil illness have lost many if not all of their teeth and hair while others have been in health facilities for months on end due to the extreme level of bacteria in their bodies. My head of dark hair is rapidly turning white and I have my days, but I feel extremely blessed to be alive and to be able to share this with you today.  Really, in thinking about things today, the first 4 to 5 months was spent sleeping and in a lot of odd pain – either in my head or in my gut along with total body inflammation causing all kinds of skin and joint aches and pains and my vision was declining and today I experience rough days from time to time, but really I am feeling so much better.  As you will hear me say over and over again – this is an up and down process of removing things from the body.

My body was very heavily ridden internally with fungus, mold, bacteria, heavy metals such as platinum and tin and silicone.

My immune system along with my liver, adrenals, lymphatic system, thyroid, digestive tract, skin, hair, eyes, muscles and joints were heavily affected by this illness and needed special catering to. On a side note, had I not been completely in tune with my body over the last 3 years and not been self diagnosing and naturally caring for these parts of my body, I would not be here to share my journey. It truly pays to learn about our bodies and to learn how natural health,  can in essence,  save our lives and be an asset to our day to day lives.

Some Of My Struggles

Many have expressed their concerns about what I am doing to heal and how I am going about things so I thought I would share this today. It is quite extensive and I don’t think people realize just how drastic and ugly this illness is.


First of all, I do feel that a whole foods and very natural diet is the most essential part of this process, BUT I would also like to share with you what I have experienced when it comes to eating. My entire mid-section of my body was swelled up for over 8 months to the point that I could not sit straight for more than 15 minutes at a time without pain and discomfort. My body was working so hard to stay alive and everything takes place in the gut really. So my digestive system was working overtime and even after surgery – it was immediately given a break, but it also now had to take on adjusting and processing all the toxins that were now being processed. Eating has been something that I have been saying is quite OVERRATED!! Pretty much no matter what I was eating, all that food that is wonderful for the body, did not taste good nor did it digest well and I still struggle with this.

In addition to focusing greatly on probiotic health, I have learned to juice and do a liquid diet when my digestive tract is struggling more than usual and I have learned to ONLY eat what my body is craving because it knows best. I eat like a bird at best, but I am very cautious as to what I am intaking. I have almost a phobia towards GMO’s and processed foods because my body instantly flares and I get violently ill. Some people say – ah GMO’s are not that bad and if you are hungry enough you will eat anything – I can honestly tell you that the repercussions are SO not worth it to the point that I would much rather starve than put myself through that.

I LOVE fermented foods and it would be so helpful for my digestive system, but I am unable to enjoy my kombucha, kefir, and all my fermented fruits and veggies right now do to the biotoxins in my system.

So being that we need to eat daily – this has been for the most part one of my biggest struggles. Additionally, I had a lot of head pain as the toxins worked their way out of my head and my organs all started working once again like they were supposed to. Head pain for someone that uses their head and hands for 99.9% of everything she does was debilitating. The head pain and facial pain prior to surgery was so bad that I could do nothing, but lay and pray it would go away. I am thankful to say that at 8 months post surgery I do not experience a lot of the head pain any longer and for this I am SO thankful and grateful. This healing process is just that, a process.


For the first 5+ months, my body was craving sleep. I seriously could not wake without GREAT effort before 10 or 10:30am so my productive hours were cut back considerably especially since I would try to eat, get my walk in and then need to rest again. Sleep is when we heal and is one of the most important aspects to my protocol. I could do nothing more than resign to it! I struggled at first, but I knew the importance of it!  That was why I requested prayer on day 4 of no sleep and I am thankful after 5 days that my sleep has returned!

Current Struggles

As I mentioned above I just went 5 days with next to no sleep. This has come and gone, but has thankfully not been a norm. My system was flared with a red hot face which has always been my indicator that toxins were a stirrin’! My lymphatics and adrenals were struggling and clogged as a result. I struggle a lot lately with the functionality of my hands and fingers as they lock up on me a lot and I am unable to lift heavy things. This is a hard thing for a Mountain Woman who is used to just doing what she needs to do to get it all done. I am forced to ask for help which is something I have never really had to do much in the past prior to this illness. It has been humbling and I know God has me right where he wants me so I am doing my best to REST in this place and allow him to work in me.

My Protocol

Initially, my protocol started out with anti fungals. I was so overridden with bacteria, fungus and mold and this needed to be dealt with first. I am putting a dent in this phase, but I still continue to work with these uglies.

In addition, to the anti fungals, I am taking supplements that help me rebuild my immune system, liver, thyroid, adrenals, digestive system, lymphatic system, muscles, joints, eyes, lungs, etc. So as you can see in the image above it is quite substantial. I am also replenishing a lot of vitamins and minerals that my body became very deficient in and even working on things at a molecular level.

Additionally, I visit with a deep muscle therapist weekly that helps me keep my organs and body running as optimally as we can while it works so hard to pass all the toxins. Moving toxins is really quite the process. You have to move them slowly because if you move them too fast, for one you get extremely ill and two they get stirred up in your system, but there are too many for the body to process at one time, therefore they settle back into the body and cause you additional struggles so it is essential that you do not overdue it.

I do Epsom salt foot soaks, ionic foot soaks and I use a high-frequency machine to help kill the Lyme and cancer viruses in my body.

I soak in an Epsom salt tub at least twice a week especially after my deep muscle therapy to eliminate my body being extremely sore from the process and I soak twice a week in a needle soak to help rid my body of the silicone.

I also exercise as much as I possibly can – mainly walking and riding bike and occasionally lifting on my weight bench. I do a lot of stretching to help my muscles to expel the toxins and I work in strengthening my hands and arms.  Unfortunately, I am unable to work my abs because when my body was so swollen I ended up with a hiatal hernia due to the swelling so I am trying to heal that naturally and will then continue with my ab workouts to which I love.

It is extremely important for me to drink a LOT of water as this illness has a tendency to keep the body dehydrated and for about 4 months water did not settle well with my body – I felt sick when drinking so it was quite the challenge. Lemon water and bit of stevia was a huge help to me. Lemon water is actually a wonderful tool to help the body to detox.

The body does the majority of it’s healing while we rest. As I mentioned above sleep is another one of my most valuable tools and I honestly have a nap on my daily calendar. Napping initially made me feel lazy and as though I was not doing my part here on the homestead, but I quickly came to realize what even a 30 minute siesta could offer me!  Such a relief to my body and a boost to my mind really and for that reason my nap is a non-negotiable on my calendar these days.

There are SO many supplements going into my body and although there are many other things I could do to detox, it is essential that I stick to this plan for right now. One thing you have to consider at all times is how one supplement may interact with another. If you end up combining too many things without the proper knowledge your insides become nothing more than a toxic science project gone bad.

I thank all those people that have offered me advice and suggestions, I do my due diligence and look them up if I am not already taking them and may consult with one of my three doctors or in some cases, all three of them because again at a chemical level I need to be very careful.

What you see pictured is just a third of my protocol. There is still an equal amount of tinctures and just the same in essential oils that I am diffusing!


Because I am not a doctor or medical professional, in this case, I would be doing you a terrible injustice if I shared my specific protocol with you. We are all made up differently and have different variables pertaining to our healing and all the toxins, everyone dealing with this illness needs to seek the specific protocol that is right for them.  You may gladly email me anytime at survive@trayerwilderness.com and I can recommend a path to take if you are not currently detoxing and guide you to the right people to help you on your journey.

I will share this… For others on this journey dealing with getting extremely ill from odors (I never had to deal with this before, but I am SO bothered by strong odors), you can open a bottle of lemongrass essential oil and just breath it in. By doing this, you are coating your sinus membranes and the odors are nit as much of a bother. Note, this is also useful for special needs children with the same struggle or those of you that can’t shop in the candle or perfume stores.

Continuing On This Journey

As I am progressing, it will get to a point that my diet alone will be the ultimate detoxing tool, but first I must rid my body of all these pollutants.

The process of this protocol is to work in removing the biotoxicity first, then chemical and silicone and finally heavy metal toxicity.  I am still working on the biotoxicity which is the fungus, mold and bacteria.   Part of the metal chelation process will be having all my metal fillings removed which is currently scheduled for October 18th. There is a good chance this process is going to make me very sick, but it is another step in this journey to better health.

This detoxing protocol is something that could exceed 18 months post surgery and during this entire process, I will hit plateaus, deal with body flares, insomnia and varied struggles as my body fights and progresses in removing all this garbage.  It is very costly and I would like to mention to those of you following behind me or currently learning that your silicone device is causing you struggles – Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHMinistries.org) DOES NOT cover a penny of the surgery or treatments (even after we called to get confirmation of coverage prior to doing anything).  We have found out the hard way and have battled for over 8 months with no results other than an extensive medical bill looming over our heads.

Your prayers are always appreciated! I am a very positive natured person and I feel truly blessed that God used me as a vessel to help others. Do I have down days? Sure!! There is SO much more to healing than just the physical side of things and more often than not my biggest challenges are mental challenges in my need to rest in my current situation and handle my inability to do things. I am not one to complain, but I may request prayers here and there as I know the ultimate power of prayer and to me prayer is the best gift anyone could offer!

I am a fighter and a strong-willed woman – I have been forced in many situations in my life to hold my own and that is my mindset so when I am unable to do things it is probably the hardest thing for me, but I am truly learning to rest in it and learning how to REST and be better to myself instead of feeling the need to keep pushing on. Rest will be my catalyst and my healer right now.

So for those of you that are on this journey with me and may be following behind me, do not be intimidated by what I have shared today. Each person is different and you and your body will handle things differently. Rest in the fact that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and stick to your protocol no matter what other people may say, don’t take everything that everyone suggests because it is just an accident waiting to happen and rest in God as he heals you.

My Biggest Words Of Advice To You…

Be strong and focus on enjoying the journey.   Something that helps me greatly is spending a LOT of time with God and focusing on him and the blessings he is constantly providing.  Celebrate the wins like I am today – sleep was an incredible gift to me and now as I end this post today, I am off to walk the wilds with my furry children and take further care of myself!

God bless you all and for those of you on this journey with me feel free to leave your questions and your celebrations below!! I would love to hear from you!

I know many of you also struggle with other health issues and I want you to know that I pray daily for our audience and always LOVE hearing from you ALL!!

I'd like to ask EVERYONE to PLEASE PLEASE spread the word on how silicone products in the body are a disaster and death waiting to happen.   Share these links with EVERYONE you know:  http://trayerwilderness.com/ourhealthjourneyvideo and http://trayerwilderness.com/destructive-silent-killer-silicone-poisoning/

Love you all! ♥

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