Introductory Herbal Course Study Group

Have you always wanted to take an Herbal Course, but you’ve been afraid of embarking on that online course by yourself?

Were you putting it off, waiting for that perfect moment?

Well, NOW is the time!

I have been self-taught and have had wonderful influences in my life that have shared and taught me AMAZING uses for the plants in my surroundings, but I have never officially taken a course.  I have been passionate about natural health and natural medicine since I was 14 years old and just as passionate about continuing to learn and educate myself!

It would make me SO happy to be able to have others join me on this journey so we can learn together and celebrate our accomplishments together as well.  There is SO much to learn when it comes to natural health and although I am pretty well versed on utilizing herbs and medicinal plants I wanted to start from the beginning so there was nothing I missed.  I will them continue through the Intermediate Course as well as the Advanced Course.

So I hope you are ready to join me for the Introductory Herbal Course Study Group!!!

Course Details

I will be taking the Herbal Academy of New England’s Introductory Course.  The course is made up of 6 units including over 30 lessons and bonus lessons.  The course is expected to take between 4 and 6 months to complete.  Keep in mind that this course is at your own pace so if you are a faster learner it could be quicker for you and if you would need more time the course materials will continue to be available to you.  My goal is to move through this course along with you and provide email encouragement as well as a Facebook Group where we can communicate, share ideas, answer questions and encourage each other along the way.

Cost:  $195.00

Course Details

Sample/Preview Lesson

Start Date of Course

As soon as you can….

Instructions for Signing Up

If you would like to participate in my Study Group for this course, you will need to sign up using this link:  Herbal Academy of New England’s Introductory Course and in the notes at checkout please note that you are participating in the Trayer Wilderness Introductory Course Study Group.   Once you are signed up and have received your email receipt, please email that to me at [email protected].  Once I have confirmation that you are officially signed up, I will send you an invitation to the Private Study Group area.

I look very forward to having you join me on this venture.  One of my biggest goals is to be able to not only care for my family in the herbs and medicinal plants in my surroundings as well as my garden and being able to help others become more knowledgeable.  I feel that our health needs to be in our hands!

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You are welcome to email me anytime!

If now is not a good time, but you would like to participate in the future, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here so you will be the first to know about my next Study Group.


Here is what some of our members are saying….

I’ve been taking the Introductory Herbal Course through the Herbal Academy of New England since the beginning of October. I learned of this course through Trayer Wilderness and Tammy’s desire to put together a group where we can all discuss the material, help each other, and share anything of importance to us.

The chosen format for group conversation is great in that it doesn’t require use of Facebook where you can easily get distracted.

The members of the group are wonderful. Even though we all go at our own pace it’s supportive and lively.

The best part about the group for me is the motivation to get through the material. We all have busy lives and can easily put off a class that is to be done at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Even though I’ve been extremely busy I find that I make time to do the class material so that I can continue to be a contributing member.

If you have the opportunity to take the class and join the group I would encourage it.   –  Michelle H.


Hi Tammy, I just want to let you know how excited I am about participating in this study group. I have wanted to learn more about herbs for a very long time. Being part of this group will help hold me accountable. Having others to talk to who are like minded is nice. Sharing what we’re doing apart from the herbal studies, being able to encourage one another, picking each others brains, having others to talk to and get their input on things, all of this is important and what an encouragement! I’m sure we are all at different levels when it comes to the knowledge of herbs. I know very little and have already picked up on information left on this board by others. This will add so much to the course material. Learning from others can be so enriching. Thank you for putting this together and I would encourage those who may be on the fence about taking part in this to jump right in. It has already been nice to start to get to know other participants and I’m sure we’re all in for an eye – opening, fulfilling experience!  – Rhonda W.


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