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As many of you know, I have been on a healing journey from life-saving surgery back in January 2016. My immune system is, to say the least, impaired, but improving and healing daily! Praise the Lord!

With that in mind and knowing our current circumstances in our country with The Sickness, I knew one of two things was likely to happen to me.  It would send me to heaven or I would have a hard go of things with the weaknesses in my body. Thankfully, it was the latter of the two and God still has a purpose for me here on this earth and I feel that job is to educate, encourage, and inspire the masses!

As some of you know, I was flat on my back with The Sickness in August and down for the count for over 15 days. The Sickness attacks the weak areas of your body. My weakest areas and areas of struggle through my healing were great pain in my muscles, joints, and head and face. I laid on the couch (the only comfortable place I could find besides my compression swing) totally unable to do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING! I was in so much pain and discomfort and I could not sleep much because my body would not shut down so I was in pain and totally exhausted. I could not use or be near any of my electronic devices (iPhone, iPad, or Laptop).  So I lay staring at the ceiling and even unable to pray. The Holy Spirit was praying for me that whole first week because I didn’t even have the capacity to pray, but God knew my needs and led me to the information I needed to improve and be well!

There were definitely some secret sauces to my healing protocol, and I wanted, for that reason, to take the time and share with you what worked for me and how you can combat things if it hits your family, loved ones, or friends.

I’d also like to share a link to a video that is VERY worth watching for those of you that have family, friends, or loved ones that end up in the hospital. You can watch here.

The protocol I used is as follows (including the noted secret sauce items):

Because of what I dealt with detoxing for the last seven years and what I went through being overridden with toxins, I quickly realized that I was dealing with something similar with the brain fog and sensitivity to EMF’s again so this is what I used to combat these things:

I also was experiencing weird fluctuations with my eyes and my vision, so I was taking:

Because The Sickness is known to cause blood clots, I was taking:

I experienced loss of hair previously in my healing due to all the toxins in my body and I had a friend who, after having The Sickness, ended up with heavy hair loss and hormone issues, so as a precautionary measure I also started taking:

Unfortunately, I was unable to prevent the hair loss. Sure enough, 6 weeks following The Sickness, I started with rapid and INSANE hair loss. My sweet friend Jayne told me I would know it was happening when the hair loss was so much that I could write a message on the shower curtain for the Mountain Man with the amount of hair I would lose in the shower. She was right!?!?! I had hair loss previously as I mentioned, but NOTHING like this. What I have found is the reason for the hair loss is because of the amount of stress the body is under as a result of The Sickness. I am currently still combating this, but what I have found has slowed the hair loss and has encouraged the regrowth is:

I feel that if you take the North Atlantic Kelp right away, it may help you avoid the extreme levels of hair loss.

Now over a month and a half later, I still do not have my smell or my taste back 100% so I have opted to stay on this protocol until I feel the effects of this illness have fully left my body. One thing that I have experienced with the loss of both smell and taste was a metallic taste in my mouth and smell in my nose. As a matter of fact, the best way to describe the sensation in my nose was it felt like someone shoved the equivalent of a stove pipe up my nose. I was sniffing the metal and it felt like what I was sniffing put some sort of a barrier in my sinus cavity. Because I dealt a lot with heavy metals during my healing journey and protocol I found relief from this by taking:

I also wanted to mention that with the metallic sensation in my sinuses, I also used the following to help provide some comfort and to keep my sinuses open:

I am not a doctor and what I am sharing with you is what I found that worked well for me and helped me to heal rapidly. Having the Lymph Tone II and the Lymph Tone III on hand would be very wise and should be used immediately upon the onset, which will make the recovery time much less and help the body to fight things off much quicker.

I also have been drinking Q Classic Tonic Water with Quinine or Fever Tree Tonic Water which is another supplement that will help in combating and building the system.

There was a lot of controversy over ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but I encourage you to do your research if you haven’t already. I have seen results from these recommendations via loved ones and friends.

This was certainly not a kind experience, but through my already growing knowledge and experience and research, I feel I fared well and have new tools in my tool belt. I can’t encourage every one of you enough. Do your homework, research, and NEVER trust everything you hear. We need to be our best advocates in these situations and knowledge is power, so seek it and remember that knowledge is truly not power until you put that knowledge to work.

What worked for you?

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