SRI_Trayer_How-to_Butcher_a_Chicken_PluckingOur family tries to do everything we possibly can for ourselves.  We purchased 30 laying hens and ended up with 5 roosters out of the bunch.  We didn’t want all those roosters in the coop so we fattened them up and decided they would do nicely in our freezer.  When it comes to putting meat up, we like to freeze, can, smoke and jerk our meats.

Today’s post will include information on butchering your chickens.  I will have a video upcoming on smoking a chicken and my wife, Tammy Trayer of Mountain Woman Journals, is working currently on two different e-books that will be ready soon that I think you will find informational. I grew up on one of the largest chicken farms in Central Pennsylvania, so I have been around this kind of stuff all my life.

We used what we called chicken cones for butcher which made the job very easy.  Below you will find a direct link to my video and it is also below for your viewing.   In addition, below the chicken cone video you will find a video on “How to butcher chickens”.

Self Reliance Illustrated Issue 19

You can also find my wife, Tammy Trayer’s debut articles “How To Butcher Chickens” as well as her other article titled “What’s In My Pantry” in Issue #19 of Self Reliance Illustrated which can be purchased here.

How to make a chicken cone

Please note:  If you have a weak stomach you may not want to watch.

How to butcher a chicken

I hope this has been helpful for you.  Please check back for my “How to smoke a chicken video”.