final-how-to-embrace-anoff-grid-lifestyle-300-x-413The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1
started the ball rolling with my life of authoring/publishing in July of 2015.  Now I am pleased to present to you How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle which many have been waiting a long time for…  We take great pride in our family, our lifestyle and God’s grace to us in everything that we do.  I have always wanted to write and ideally I wanted to write a book.  In 2013, God had a different plan for me and I was given an open door to contribute our story and our knowledge in The New Pioneer Magazine.  That was such an amazing opportunity and I had no idea that it would lead to SO much more.  We even ended up on the cover of the magazine that my first article debuted in!  Wow!!

Since 2013, I have been a contributing writer for The New Pioneer Magazine, American Frontiersman, Prepare Magazine, The Backwoodsman Magazine, Self Reliance Illustrated, Survivor’s Edge and occasionally in Cabin Life Magazine.  This has been such an amazing opportunity and has allowed me to reach so many people with our message.  We feel very led to share our knowledge in these uncertain times.  We focus very heavily on sharing our faith-filled off-grid living, traditional and primitive skills, natural health, wholefoods diets, gluten-free and casein free diet, harvesting, foraging, preserving, hunting, autism, living frugally & simply and so much more.

But you can only share so much in 1,200+ words and we have SO much more to share on our lifestyle.

How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle is being written to fully blow all the misconceptions out of the water. My goal is to help you fully understand the pros and cons of living an off-grid lifestyle by sharing the in’s and out’s of off-grid living, share our solar system and other alternative energy options as well as reliable companies, our appliances and tools used on our homestead, our generator and large appliances, our hacks to save energy and be even more efficient, what a day looks like on our homestead, resources and so much more.

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Top Customer Reviews

on January 21, 2017
This book has all the information and inspiration you would ever want if you’ve dreamed of living off-grid. Tammy shares her family’s stories and experiences, warts and all, and you get a realistic picture of what this lifestyle is like. I appreciated that she went beyond her story (which is fascinating!) and explains how to do laundry, cook, and do household chores in an off-grid setting. Her family does have power, which comes from a solar panel system, and she explains that use as well. Tammy does a great job of blending practical information with her family’s down to earth experiences.


on January 17, 2017
Be prepared to be taken on a journey of discovery and learning by a family that chose to live a traditional off grid lifestyle in the North Idaho wilderness. Tammy, Glen and Austin share their experiences in this well written, educational and entertaining book.