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Have a blessed Thanksgiving! - Trayer Wilderness
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From our family to yours, may we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!

A day where you may be surrounded by those you love, with a bounty of food, good conversation, a turkey coma and memories that will last a lifetime!

We are feeling blessed beyond belief back here in our wilderness playground.  Some people wait for special days like tomorrow (Thanksgiving) to be thankful for all they have.  We make it a practice to not only be thankful daily, but we express our thankfulness.

We thoroughly enjoy our lifestyle and have so much to be grateful and thankful.  We are blessed to have a God bigger than anything, each other, our home, our location, our lifestyle, our talents and skills, many many blessings, amazing friends and family, our health, our businesses, our furry son and daughter (she is a new blessing which I will post about soon), the list for us we feel is endless….. 🙂

We look forward to tomorrow to be exceptionally thankful and to take a break from our extremely busy schedule to enjoy each other even more.  We have been very busy mass producing our products to meet the orders for this holiday season.  Glen has been mass producing in the smithy and has been fabricating a LOT of new products which will be released next week.  I will be making another 200 soy candles next week and packaging roughly another 200 bars of goats milk soap as well…  Our Mountain Boy has been busy making moccasins and other leather goodies getting his hands into the business too!  Glen has also been apprenticing his cousin in the smithy as of late.  We are very blessed to be busy…  We have recently redesigned our website – check it out at:  http://RockingGTDesigns.com and stay tuned for all the new items next week.

My web business is keeping me quite busy too and we will have good news to share in regard to my freelance writing as well!  🙂

We have each started something you may be interested in checking out….  http://MountainManJournals.com, http://MountainWomanJournals.com and http://MountainBoyJournals.com  Glen will be posting many self-reliance training videos upcoming and he has a bunch of new outdoor products that he is working on which will be released this winter on his website.

Also if you know of anyone with an Autistic child or family member I have started a pet project at http://SpectrumKidsInTheOutdoors.com where I will share my knowledge as well as many references, discounts and coupons for gluten free and casein free products and recipes.  Austin is helping me with this as well.

I am aware that our photo gallery is not currently displaying all our photos, but check back – they will be up and running soon along with many new pictures of our 2012 which is almost over….  Good grief – where did 2012 go???

We have been blessed to fill our freezer with deer meat this year.  There is still some time left for Mountain Boy and my Mountain Man to fill their tags, but Jonathan and I have put our share in the freezer.  Jonathan got a nice 4 x 4 and I was happy to get myself a nice fat doe.

Trapping season has also started so we are praying for a successful season there as well.

We are looking forward to this winter season to catch you up on all our happenings here in the wilderness for 2012 and to continue to share our winter adventures.

We would also like to take this time to encourage you to join us in expressing your gratitude daily.  When you take the time to acknowledge the things that you are thankful for you will find that you are happier.  A happier life is a healthier life.  Everyday express your thankfulness and gratitude for 3 things.  Don't wait for special days or perfect moments because you may lose opportunities that you will never be able to get back….  Embrace your thankfulness!

“Oh give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” Psalms 107:1

Today we are thankful for YOU!!  Thanks for following us here in the northern Idaho wilderness!!

Blessings… <3

The Trayer's ~ Mountain Man, Mountain Woman and Mountain Boy at Given A Gift….





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