There is ALWAYS hope! We are all walking out some unusual times right now and our family is very well versed for such times!

So many of you have been following us for a long time. Some of you were with us a decade ago while we were living in a canvas wall tent and building our homestead on raw wilderness land from the ground up. Some of you may have joined us in between and others of you have joined us over the last 4 years as we walked out my life-saving surgery in 2016 and the 4 years of healing that followed. During that time you also watched as we were very transparent with the financial crisis that followed due to the medical bills we incurred.

One thing that I hope stood out greatly to you was our extreme trust and faith in God and our obedience to follow His lead even when it looked like we were crazy. We could have filed bankruptcy, but we both felt God saying “No, trust me!” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with utilizing services that are there for you, but we truly felt God telling us to put our faith and trust in Him and let me tell you…

You always hear me saying that God’s timing is better than our timing (I shared on that specifically this past week on Mountain Woman Radio and you hear me saying that God’s promises are real and He will provide and it will be bigger and better than you could have EVER imagined‼

Well, folks, this is TRUE! I have seen it over and over again, but this one is just AMAZING‼ In the most inopportune time ever with the COVID-19 and Coronavirus lockdown and our economy tanking out – we closed on the sale of our home on Good Friday! Not just any day, Good Friday‼ God is SOOOO good – ALL the time! I shared a video on this here.

We have been praying for God to deliver us from this financial crisis, to help us find the perfect buyer for our home, and for Him to be glorified through it all!

We closed on Good Friday and have been blessed with the opportunity to caretake the off-grid homestead we just sold which will, in turn, enable us to have a place to eat, shower, and sleep while we build our 16′ x 18′ new off-grid tiny cabin!

Our funds arrived on Monday after Easter and we wasted no time at all… We rented a backhoe until ours could be repaired and went to town on the new raw wilderness piece of land and removed all the stumps and debris, replanted the trees that needed to be moved out of our building site, removed all the stumps from our future 60’ x 40’ garden area, leveled everything the best we could because the ground was still wet, mapped out our new property, got the future location for our home, shop, and storage all ready to go and got 10 loads of the most likely 20 loads of stone we will need in before the rains came! Not bad for a week and a half’s worth of work!

I hope you are all ready to join us on the new adventure as we move #faithfullyforward and take you along! We will be documenting EVERYTHING! You will be able to find our YouTube videos easily in Our New Off-Grid Cabin Build playlist and I will have videos and blog posts easily accessible on our website as well. Additionally, I will also be sharing our adventures in Instagram stories which will be archived under Off-Grid Build.

Right now, we have the extra hands of the Mountain Boy while he is home from school, but as things start to open back up in our country it will be the Mountain Man, and I working hard to get ourselves under roof before the snow flies once again.

I’ve been sharing inspiration and encouragement on my YouTube LIVE videos (every Wednesday at 10:30 PST) as well as on Mountain Woman Radio. In 2020, I decided to video my Mountain Woman Radio episodes so they can be viewed on YouTube and listened to on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneInRadio, and they are archived on our website as well.

We love to hear from you all, receive your questions, and also your requests for topics so don’t be shy, and feel free to reach out to us on the website or social media!  The Mountain Man and I hope to be starting a LIVE Q & A upcoming so if you have questions regarding homesteading, off-grid living, traditional living, wilderness survival, etc., please feel free to let us know what questions you may have!

We look forward to having you all join us on this new journey and starting our new chapter! God bless!


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