We Offer Faith Led Preparedness, Homesteading, & Off-Grid Living
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We Offer Faith Led Preparedness, Homesteading, & Off-Grid Living Knowledge & Inspiration!
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Do You Want To Be As Prepared As You Can For Whatever May Come Your Way?

Our family embarked on our self-sufficient journey over a decade ago. We live a very traditional lifestyle off the grid and allow God to lead the way!  As a result, we feel very led to share our knowledge. Our goal is to help others to be more prepared, inspired to embrace their dreams, and to live life by their terms!  If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, join our membership and allow us to walk beside you and assist you on your journey.


It has been Tammy's passion for 12+ years to inspire, encourage, and share her knowledge.  The last seven years Tammy has been on a healing journey that has not only taken her to amazing places in life, but has also provided her with a lot of additional knowledge and skills.  God has divinely stepped Tammy into His full will for her life.  Tammy is teaching people how to use their God-given breath to manage and even eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, chronic illness, and essentially whatever ails you!  Breathwork is very gentle and with her Christ-center approach she is also helping businesses, groups, and organizations in varying ways from additional creativity, energy, focus, and also assisting veterans in managing and overcoming PTSD, celebrate recovery groups to help manage and overcome their addictions as well as those with special needs.  Breathwork helps detox the body 70% greater than any other way and helps chip away at past trauma and pain allowing her clients to live their best life and be the best version of themselves!  Be sure to visit Tammy at ♥ †

Our YouTube channel is also family-friendly and created with the idea in mind that it could be enjoyed as a family!

Mountain Woman Radio

Fresh new content weekly.  Offering inspiration to encourage you to take baby steps in embracing your dreams.  The topics are very broad and there is a little bit of something for everyone.

Tammy's Books

It has always been Tammy's dream to pen a book.  She is an International Best Selling author and enjoys helping people succeed in life regardless of what it is they are embarking on.  Whether it is wanting to live a self-sustainable and preparedness lifestyle, being successful in your kitchen & with specialty diets or overcoming the obstacles that life has to throw your way!  Stay tuned, more titles coming your way! ♥ †

Traditionally Handcrafted Goods

Each family member takes great pride and pleasure in adding unique traditionally handcrafted items to our store.

Free Materials

We are family-friendly and offer materials for all ages.  For those of you that are new to bread baking, we currently offer a free Bread Baking 101 class at our academy.

We Believe In Inspiring Others To Embrace Their Dreams

We embraced our dream in 2010 while living in a wall tent for 8 1/2 months and building our off-grid homestead on raw wilderness land…

Join Our Community

We have formed a growing community of inspiring, amazing, loving, caring and like-minded individuals.  I believe you would fit right in!

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