52 Weeks Of Wellness - Week 5 How To Calm AnimalsI think it is safe to say that all our animals are as unique as our children, right?

They have allergies, anxieties and even attitudes to mention a few…  Who agrees.. 🙂

Well today, I would like to talk about animals with feelings of anxiousness.  We have a wonderful blue healer.  He is an incredible security system, amazing pet and part of the family, BUT he is an absolute mess while traveling.  He just paces back and forth in the seat and will do that forever.  We were on a 12 hour drive and I was getting quite sore from he pacing over top of me for the last 10 hours when I decided to put some Lavender essential oil in the palm of my hand and cupped the dogs nose allowing him to breath in and utilize the aromatherapy of the oil.

Within less than a minute he curled up between us and laid down!  Woohooo – High 5 and major happy dance!!

Another great oil for feelings of anxiousness is the calming blend.  I love the amazing properties of Balance in that it can be used as a pick me up in the morning and at night to calm you into a nice sleep.  This is all do to how God designed our bodies and the properties of the oils to work together.  It just awes me!

These oils would work great for animals that also have feelings of anxiousness during thunderstorms.

NOTE:  Be cautious in using these oils with your pets as to not touch their skin and to just allow the to use it in an aromatherapy application.

I have to also note that this picture is not realistic in that my furry children relax all by themselves in front of that warm cozy fire!! ♥


DISCLAIMER:  Before we get started, I need to provide you with a legal disclaimer that essential oils do not treat, cure, or heal medical diagnosis.   Please do not discontinue prescriptions or a medical professionals advice who is treating you, without consulting with them first.  We are not medical professionals, nutritionists, food scientists or experts in anything other than living the “Simple Life” the way we chose to live it.  Our posts are intended as our opinion and our way of doing things.   All opinions and advice offered on this site are merely that of a mother, woman and wife sharing my knowledge drawn from our own experiences and research. For more information on our Trayer Wilderness, Inc. Disclaimer. Remember to always do your own research when it comes to the safety, health and well-being of your family.
CAUTIONS:  Essential oils are very concentrated and with essential oils, less is always more.  Not all oils can be used the same so PLEASE read your bottles carefully and heed the warnings. Some oils are very toxic if ingested. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas unless otherwise noted.
For more information on our Trayer Wilderness, Inc. Disclaimer



Tammy Trayer  † ♥

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