52 weeks of wellness - week 3 - inflammationI am feeling so very blessed to finally be feeling like myself again!  It was a slow process, but I also did not get where I was overnight.  So many people are experiencing so many unfortunate health issues these days and it saddens me.

I feel that so many of our struggles could be prevented or simply combated by our diet, exercise and natural health and wellness.

One thing that is pretty common in everyone today is inflammation.  I feel that the inflammation that people deal with today is food related.  All the additives and preservatives in our food are not healthy for our bodies.  The inflammation that we struggle from can cause many aches, pains, stomach discomfort, tiredness, lack of energy, joint and muscle troubles, headaches, etc.

Many people are then taking over the counter medications and prescription drugs to aid in their discomforts only to have other problems created due to side effects and it is really just such a nasty snowball affect.

DISCLAIMER:  Before we get started, I need to provide you with a legal disclaimer that essential oils do not treat, cure, or heal medical diagnosis.   Please do not discontinue prescriptions or a medical professionals advice who is treating you, without consulting with them first.  We are not medical professionals, nutritionists, food scientists or experts in anything other than living the “Simple Life” the way we chose to live it.  Our posts are intended as our opinion and our way of doing things.   All opinions and advice offered on this site are merely that of a mother, woman and wife sharing my knowledge drawn from our own experiences and research. For more information on our Trayer Wilderness, Inc. Disclaimer. Remember to always do your own research when it comes to the safety, health and well-being of your family.
CAUTIONS:  Essential oils are very concentrated and with essential oils, less is always more.  Not all oils can be used the same so PLEASE read your bottles carefully and heed the warnings. Some oils are very toxic if ingested. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas unless otherwise noted.
For more information on our Trayer Wilderness, Inc. Disclaimer

Diet Is Everything

Eating a healthy wholefoods diet has changed our lives.  It isn't near as complicated as it sounds to start a wholefoods diet.  It will take maybe a bit more of your time to prepare and a bit more time initially to determine what foods you need to keep on hand to make the foods you like, but the reward and gain is very much worth it.

We are less tired, have less aches and pains and SO much more energy.  We also find that we sleep better and wake feeling rested.

Sleep Plays A Bigger Role Than You Realize

This leads me to another very important point, 8 hours of sleep assists the body and mind and is SO important.  Our bodies need rest and we are fools to deprive our bodies (I am included in that statement and was guilty for SO long, but not anymore).  Without 8 hours of rest our body is not able to regenerate/rejuvenate when and how it should again causing our organs and system to be stressed to which causes inflammation.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is SO important!!  It helps your body to detox, to burn unwanted calories, to get everything in motion,  strengthens the body, destresses you and so much more.  Just 15 minutes a day can change your whole well-being.

On sunny days, I get out for a hike with the Mountain Boy and our furry children and security.  On the rainy days, I head down to our cabin to lift weights and ride 12 to 15 miles on the stationary bike while reading from my iPad.  I have had that bike since I was 18 and purchased it with a book rack so I could use my time wisely.  It was a great investment and this allows me to keep up with my reading for my businesses as well as being able to read at least 10 pages a day of quality content.  Today, I am reading A Warriors's Faith by Robert Vera which is an AMAZING read and story.  Stay tuned for my interview with Robert Vera.

Keeping Hydrated

Drinking enough water in a day is SO important.  If you are like I am, this is something I have to consciously work at!  Unless I am working out or hiking, I have a hard time just guzzling plain water which is actually pretty sad because we have amazing well water here, but unless I am hot, I  struggle with this.  So I have found adding a dash of homemade stevia and a drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil, Wild Orange Essential Oil or Grapefruit Essential Oil essential oil makes the world of difference for me and is a great boost for my body.  Without enough water in our system, we put stress on our system and our organs do not work as they should getting rid of toxins, fluid, etc. which cause our body to be inflamed.

Supplements and Natural Health

I start my day off now every day with varying supplements, 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 by Pure, a drop of Frankincense under my tongue  and a cup of Herbal Coffee by Delicious Obsessions.

I never realized just how important Vitamin D was until I was down.  Last year I spent most of my year behind my desk in my office sitting.  My body was lacking Vitamin D greatly and I was feeling it.  The best way to describe Vitamin D is like bringing yourself back to life which is exactly how I feel when I am in the sunshine!  🙂

My supplements have improved my life so much.  I have never been able to take vitamins because they would make me sick no matter if I took them with food or not.  I had pretty much given up on vitamins until a friend kept nudging me to try the Life Long Vitality and I am so thankful that I did.  They are well rounded, provide me with so much more energy, help keep me regular, aid the inflammation in my body, and I can take them on an empty stomach and feel great.   I just feel really good when I am taking these and they helped improve my health when it was not good.

The Herbal Coffee has been a blessing since I had to give up regular coffee.  I love drinking tea, but I tire of tea and yearn for something of more substance which is exactly what the Delicious Obsessions provides for me along with great flavor.  Made of all organic roasted chicory root, roasted dandelion root, milk thistle seed powder, burdock root powder and roasted carob this also helps keep my liver detoxed and working as it should.

Another important part of our well-being is our gut health.  We just started milking our goat's so I have been able to make fresh goat's milk kefir which is SO wonderful for your stomach health as well as kombucha which I have brewing in my office and I also take daily a digestive enzyme complex and I also utilize two other supplements regularly which are great for cleansing as well.  Good stomach health can mean everything.  Our son is high functioning autistic and stomach health plays a HUGE roll is his existence.

Purchasing good quality supplements is extremely important.  Just because they may be expensive does not mean they are good quality.  Be sure to do your research on the vitamins and supplements that you purchase as so many of today's options have fillers and garbage in them.

The objective for our family is to replace all over the counter medications with something natural…  Here is a simple example of how we do this in our home.  For those of you that have constant tension in your neck or temples you can get GREAT relief by massaging Peppermint essential oil to your temples and the base of the neck and for those of you that have extreme tension a rollerball blend that we keep on hand which is beyond amazing for migraines, stress headaches and just wonderful at relieving stress in the neck and shoulder area.

Stand Up Desk vs Sitting

Something else I changed this year is the amount of hours I am sitting.  Sitting all the time is like a slow death.  Our bodies are not meant to be sitting for long periods of time.  I sold my Roll Top Desk in January to a dear friend and I put a standing desk in it's place in my office.

As Michael Hyatt shared today with his post on the 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Stand Up Desk, people are happier and more energetic, burn more calories, increase their metabolism, but the biggest one for me is that you will live longer!!  I can truly believe that!!  Last year my body just HURT!!  I was constantly in a slumped position, my neck, shoulders and back were always sore as was everything from my ribs down from being scrunched up all the time.  It was not healthy and I can totally attest to what Michael shared.

There is a downside for about two weeks and that is your feet and legs are sore.  Mainly your feet, but it is a small price to pay for a week when you are adding years to your life by changing your position.

There are my thoughts on inflammation and I would like to encourage all of you out there that are tired, sore, have aches and pains, joint and muscle issues, autoimmune diseases, and body discomfort in any way to consider and evaluate your daily routines and what you consume.  The things we do and the things we consume play a big role in how we feel daily.  My goal was to improve my well-being &  I have and I encourage you to join me and do the same….

What is your biggest struggle or hurdle today?  How can you make a difference in your day to day?


Tammy Trayer  † ♥

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