31 Days To Better Health

Living traditionally off-grid as we do, it is our desire to take good care of ourselves to avoid unnecessary trips to town or to the doctor.

We take a lot of preventative measures to ensure we have good health all year, but especially during the winter months when our road is often times impassible.   We try our best to get 8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate our bodies from the long hard hours of work here on our homestead.

We drink a lot of water and enjoy adding lemon essential oil among others which adds flavor and so much more….

We forage things from the wild to use in teas, tinctures and salves.  We use Essential Oils to improve our bodies in varying ways.

We share What We Have Learned and Conquered With Autism and share all our gluten free and casein free diet recipes and tips.

We skipped the gym and have replaced our physical fitness with homestead chores and wonderful trips to the wild to explore and practice our survival skills all the while improving our health, endurance, strength and bodies.

We do not eat processed food and we traded in the microwave so we could harness the sun with our Sun Oven. (I am actually part of an Cooking Outside E-Course if you are interested in learning how to do the same)

We enjoy living a traditional life in a modern world and for the next 31 days I look forward to sharing with you how we stay fit, healthy all year long and improve our health and well-being in the wilderness.

We put God first and allow him to lead the way for our family and because of the close relationship we have with God ~ we see regularly the beauties & blessings he shares with us daily…

I live being thankful for a glass – not that it is half full or half empty – that I have a glass for starters and I choose to have it over flowing…..  Part of being healthy is being able to view life in a positive way eliminating the draining negativity.  Additionally, as Anne Grady has said “What you search for is what you will find!”

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Tammy Trayer  † ♥

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Day 2:

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