There is something to be said about the warmth and comfort of a wool, alpaca and natural fibers, right?  Wool is an amazing God-given resource that repels water, is amazingly warm and extremely durable.  We have a lot of varying wool products on our homestead such as socks, blankets, sweaters, gloves and mittens, pants, skirts, scarfs and more.  Do you realize that alpaca is a very similar resource?

Did you also know that alpaca is 5 times warmer and 7 times stronger than wool?  I was amazed when I heard that!

Wool and alpaca are not only good for the homestead for warmth and comfort, but also great for all survival situations as well.  Having an item that will repel water and provide warmth is key.  We have wool blankets and alpaca items in our packs and encourage you to add them to yours.

I was quite blessed by the Mom It Forward Blogger Network to participate in this program to which I receive a BEAUTIFUL scarf from Sol Alpaca to review and enjoy.

Warmth For The Homestead

Peru is a country with a very ancient textile tradition and SOL ALPACA is its principal heir.  Its online store is opening today to offer the world its products made with the best fiber and all the enthusiasm that only experts in warmth can provide.  Feel warmer with SOL ALPACA.


SOL ALPACA keeps Peru’s rich textile tradition alive and makes the connection enabling you to receive at home all the warmth the Andean people have to give;  people who love what they do and live with a special passion in harmony with nature.    This is why they work only with the world’s finest fibers of the Andes: alpaca and vicuña and exploit the complete range of 32 natural shares – the world’s largest – to create designs that achieve a perfect balance between the exceptional inherited abilities of Andean people and modern-day trends.


Visit SOL ALPACA in this new online store with its sophisticated garments and accessories.  Let those hands keep you warm.  Let SOL ALPACA keep you warm.

We are all about handed down skills and traditions that continue to be kept alive.  I love how SOL ALPACA is about tradition.


SOL ALPACA would like to gift one of our friend’s with a 30% discount code!

All you need to do is visit SOL ALPACA‘s site and come back over here to our post and leave a comment with a link to the product that you found to be your favorite.

One winner will be chosen.  The winner will be announced here on the 5th of December.

Be sure to visit SOL ALPACA and return here to leave your comment!


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