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This has been quite the year for us. We have been referring to this year as a “Character & Faith Building Year”. We had such a whirlwind of events and valleys to walk through, but as we progressed through the year there were so many blessings and miracles to be counted that we feel we fared pretty well. I am not saying it was easy and we aren’t out of the woods yet, but I feel God used our circumstances for his good, it was well worth it and we are certainly stronger for it!

Consider it a great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:2-4

We could not have done it without all of our prayer warriors this year and for that, we are eternally grateful and a BIG thank you to you all!

We always thank God for all of you, remembering you constantly in our prayers. 3We recall, in the presence of our God and Father, your work of faith, labor of love, and endurance of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ” 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3 KJV

From our family to yours, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We celebrate Christmas and the reason for the season is extremely important to us, but so are you and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and also a Happy Holiday for those of you that celebrate differently!

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 KJV

Our goal every year is to provide our audience with purposeful, useful and necessary items for all your homesteading, preparedness, wilderness survival needs and more.

We feel that in order to necessitate a purchase, we evaluate quality, workmanship, the companies ethics and the cost!

Times are tough and being frugal is important, but sometimes a pricey purchase is in order. If we need to spend our hard earned money it is a MUST that it has PURPOSE and will last!

Included in this year’s Gift Giving Guide are some amazing companies that we highly recommend, as well as USE. They have some incredible products, which I think you will greatly enjoy!

In addition to our Gift Giving Guide we also have a Resources Page that we keep up to date which we are constantly adding additional resources for you.   The Resources Page includes books, products, classes, and materials that we feel are extremely important and helpful in your journey to being more self-reliant and self-sufficient!

We encourage you to share this with your friend’s…

God Bless!
Glen, Tammy and Austin Trayer

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Are you unsure of what it means to live off-grid? You’ve heard all kinds of stories and just don’t know what to expect? Are you looking to be more self-sufficient or truly desire to live the dream of freedom?

Blogger and off-grid homesteader Tammy Trayer shares her life and that of her family hoping to inspire faith and freedom into the hearts of readers.

She strives to debunk off-grid living and help people fully understand the pros and cons of living an off-grid lifestyle by sharing her story and the ins and outs of off-grid living. You will find information shared on every aspect from their solar system and other alternative energy options as well as reliable companies to appliances and tools used on their homestead, their generator and large appliances, hacks to save energy, homesteading with special needs children, a look at a typical day on the homestead and more. Additionally, you will have access to many resources, printable pages and downloadable information. You can find her and her family at and the shared materials at #EmbraceOffGrid & #TrayerWilderness.  You can also find her podcast, Mountain Woman Radio archived on her website at or on iTunes at

This book is available for pre-purchase right now.  Those that pre-purchase will receive a special member discount for our Trayer Wilderness Academy in the new year.  Please shoot me an email and forward your receipt to me at [email protected].

Pre-purchase your copy here.

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My book How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle was the catalyst that led us to Trayer Wilderness Academy.
I found in writing the book I just couldn’t teach the skills simply with just words.
We were already recording some in-depth videos and writing small content specific e-books and
we decided that this was the perfect time to create our academy which would give us the
ability and means to teach you the skills that we feel everyone should have.

Subscribe to our membership waiting list and be the first to always be in the know!

Take that first step that will take you to simpler days!
Join our waiting list and become a part of our future community of like-minded folks and take part in our classes on traditional and primitive skills that will prepare you for tomorrow! Don’t miss out on the training that will be coming your way.

You will also receive bonuses along with a membership discount for subscribing!

Subscribe at

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Do you know someone that would like to learn to cook from scratch?
Do you know someone that would like to prepare gluten-free and dairy-free dishes?
Do you know someone that would like to learn how to use essential oils in their cooking & baking?
Do you know someone that wants to use their wood stove to make flavorful and tasty meals or even breads?
Do you know someone that needs help getting around in their kitchen?
How about learning to use the sun to cook your food?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is the perfect gift! I include all of the above and more. We have been on a gluten-free and a casein-free diet for well over 10 years and I was determined to make all my son’s favorite foods that were tasty and of normal consistency and I have perfected that! We power our home 100% with the sun so it only seemed right to utilize the sun to cook our food as well! I am all about saving energy and resources as much as possible and utilizing my wood stove for meals & breads does just that and makes my house smell SOOO good! Cooking from scratch is not hard at all or as time-consuming as many would think. In addition, it is wholesome, gratifying and healthy when you eliminate all those preservatives.

Purchase your copy of The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook Volume 1 here!

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Mountain Boy Journals Elk Hide Moccasins

Do you need a pair of warm, comfortable slippers?

Our son Austin is your man! He makes wonderful elk hide moccasins as well as paracord survival items, leather pouches, custom work and more. You can find his store here on our website or you can find him on his own site He takes great pride in his work and enjoys seeing where everyone is located that purchases from him! If you need assistance or have questions regarding autism, Austin can also help. Austin, being high functioning autistic with Asperger tendencies is nearly 98% free of his symptoms and is enjoying his life. He has a heart to help others and would love to answer your questions or help in anyway he can. If you or someone else is struggling with autism you can find more details on What We Have Learned And Conquered With Autism and all our posts, podcasts and articles on autism can be found here.

You can purchase a pair of moccasins here.

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Trayer Wilderness MultiFlame Tool Mini Christmas

MultiFlame Mini Tool

Our MultiFlame Mini Tool is a 6″ fire piston and so much more.    Made of aluminum it is lightweight and has multiple functions.  Its main function is the fire piston to provide a form of fire starting for your pack.  The knob is removable and reveals a drilled and tapped hole for your pistol cleaning brush for a 9mm and larger.  It also has a hex opening on the other shaft for any type of 1/4″ hex bit for example a 1/4″ flat head screw driver bit, a nut driver, a star bit…  There are hundreds of 1/4″ bits that will fit our tool making it a useful tool for many.  The pouch is equipped with a belt loop for easy carrying either on your belt or attached to your pack.  The MultiFlame Mini Tool comes with the pouch, a tin with two extra O-rings for your piston and your piston itself (everything you see pictured).  100% made in the USA!

Purchase your MultiFlame Mini Tool here.

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Trayer Wilderness MultiFlame Tool Christmas

MultiFlame Tool

Our MultiFlame Tool  has the same functionality as the MultiFlame Mini Tool as well as an added feature for the extreme outdoorsman or woman.  The MultiFlame Tool is 8″ and comes with an adaptor for on the main shaft to provide you with the use of a 3/8″ shaft auger bit.  With an axe, small saw, the MultiFlame Tool and a little know how you would be equipped with the tools to not only build yourself a shelter, but you would be able to build yourself a cabin.   Made of aluminum it is lightweight and durable, adding less than a pound to your pack, but a lot of versatility.   Again its main function is the fire piston to provide a form of fire starting for your pack.  The knob is removable and reveals a drilled and tapped hole for your pistol cleaning brush for a 9mm and larger.  It also has a hex opening on the other shaft for any type of 1/4″ hex bit for example a 1/4″ flat head screw driver bit, a nut driver, a star bit…  There are hundreds of 1/4″ bits that will fit our tool making it a useful tool for many.  This pouch is equipped with a belt loop for easy carrying and also has two additional loops to add this larger pouch to your pack, gun sling, etc.    The MultiFlame Tool comes with the pouch, a tin with two extra O-rings for your piston, your piston itself and the auger adapter (everything you see pictured).  100% made in the USA!

Purchase your MultiFlame Tool here.

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Trayer Wilderness Trayer Fire Tool Christmas

Trayer Fire Tool

Another multipurpose fire tool by the Mountain Man, Glen Trayer, but this time two heads were better than one when Jamie Burleigh of and collaborated on all the functionality of such a tool.  The Trayer Fire Tool is equipped with a flat head screwdriver, a finer rasp and a coarse rasp, a striker for flint and steel, a scraper/possible knife edge and can be used as a bearing block for a bow drill.  This tool also fits nicely in an Altoids size tin (tin not included).

Purchase the Trayer Fire Tool here.

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Backwoods Solar

Visit Backwoods Solar here.

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The Solavore Sport solar oven: the best present you can put under your family’s Christmas tree! Kid-safe – no glass, no hot surfaces, and lightweight – only 9 pounds. Solar-cook your family favorites, from slow-cooked pulled pork to multi-grain bread to chocolate chip cookies. Complete set includes two GraniteWare round roasters, thermometer, detachable reflectors, SportWAPITM water pasteurization indicator, and getting-started guide. PLUS carrying case (in black or camo!) and two 3mm neoprene pot wraps for showing off your solar-cooked goodness at your next pot luck! The Solavore Sport: proudly made in the USA.

Click here for special Trayer Wilderness Holiday Pricing

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Stay powered with the SunJack portable solar charger and benefit from wall outlet charging speeds, anywhere. Powerful enough to fully charge most phones in 90 minutes and holds enough energy for up to 8 smartphones after just 5 hours of sunlight. Charge any USB device, including phones, tablets, lights, radios, music speakers, GPS and more. An essential part of any disaster preparation kit and a tremendous upgrade to the camping and outdoor recreation experience. Highly rated and reviewed across several industry publications including Outside, Survivalist, and Green Living Magazine. Enjoy energy independence today!


SunJack provided a discount code for our followers: trayer10 for 10% off anything in their catalog


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Fillmore Container, is a family-owned business, that offers all manner of preservation gear including, food containers, lids, canning accessories, preserving cookbooks, fermenting supplies, and more.
The folks at Fillmore Container are passionate about helping you preserve your harvest. Not only do they offer the best selection, price and service for your preserving needs, they publish a popular blog that is a very useful resource for preservers. Check out their holiday gift guides on the blog.

Whether you’re looking for recipes, tips, or feedback from other preservers, Fillmore Container is likely to have a source for you!

In addition to preserving necessities Fillmore Container also carries candle containers, candle wax, fragrance oils, candle wicks, and candle accessories.


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What IS a Wonder Oven? Is it an oven, a slow-cooker, or a cooler?
It is actually all three! All you need is a power source to boil your food in a pot for 10-15 minutes to reach a safe temperature. Place that pot inside the wonder oven and it will continue to cook your food for 10-12 hours without burning it or drying it out. Because the wonder oven requires no power, you can even carry it with you in the car. Great for tailgating, soccer days, and traveling. Because those tiny beads inside also insulate, you can keep one in the car to transport frozen groceries until you get home. There are lots of different uses, and instructions will come with every wonder oven shipped. BTW, shipping is included in the price. Just one more alternative to cooking with limited fuel.

Email:  [email protected]








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All They’ll Need to Know, my easy vital record system, provides the forms to help you answer some very important questions that will be invaluable to your family in your absence.  It will also be helpful to you if you have to evacuate your home.  This should be a part of every  bug out bag.

Purchase here.






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Do you find that you are following canning recipes without really understanding why some steps
are needed? Don’t move forward in your canning adventures doing things “just because”. If you
are going to do this you might as well understand the concepts and do it right. ! !
This desire to know what I am doing spurred me on to creating the book Simply Canning and an
online companion course Canning Basics. I want you to know – why you do, what you do- as
well! ! !
Gain that confidence that knowledge brings.! !
Simply Canning Guidebook can be found here.
Canning Basics video class can be found here.
Today, preserving food is a part of our frugal simple life style. Let it be yours too. ! !
Visit Sharon at !


Snow Flake Embellishment is a first of its kind “one-stop resource” for anything local or national that is “Soul-, church-, marriage- and family-enriching.” With 454 local websites, FaithHappenings promises to be “your complete, tailored faith resource.” Using a strong national staff to provide daily content for a wide variety of audiences, it also has local staff providing local information for the site in more than 30 areas.

Sign up for FREE FAITH based materials here.

P.S. I am blessed to be able to contribute devotionals every month and have the opportunity to reach more people… You may enjoy my piece Coffee With God or Learning To Be Content. ♥ †

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PREPARE Magazine is a digital and print publication designed and created with the vision to offer Encouragement, Empowerment, and Enrichment to the Preparedness Journey.

Our purpose and focus is to offer expert and purpose-filled training in preparedness (preparation), self-sufficient living, and survival skills for the difficult times that may be approaching.  Our desire is to share a positive approach to preparation and to work with expert contributors and authors who share an optimistic approach to getting ready for the uncertainties of the future. We are not interested in spreading fear, rather we want to help families get prepared for … What If…?

PREPARE Magazine launched as one of the very first publications specifically dedicated to providing resources and expert training for Preparedness, Self-Reliance, and Survival.  Our desire was, and continues to be, to share positive insight and training in getting prepared – without trying to focus on the heavy message of fear and discord that seems to regularly inundate us in the national media. – See more at:

P.S. I am also a contributing writer for Prepare Magazine and I encourage you to also sign up for their FREE online magazine, you can do so here. It is a complete blessings to be a contributor and support the message of PREPARE Magazine!


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Bull Pacs are dirty tough…

Able to handle the heaviest loads, under the most brutal conditions! They are built with your back’s safety and comfort in mind. Based on decades of packing heavy loads all around the world, Bull Pacs are the one piece of equipment that you don’t have to worry about! The Bull Pac comes with an unlimited, lifetime guarantee. We stand 100% behind our products and are committed to outstanding, personal customer service – we will take care of our customers!


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Millers Grain Mill - Confused Grain Mill

Millers Grain House

Millers Grain House started in 2007 as an outward expression of our heartfelt desire to serve others and was launched with the purpose and mission of providing quality products and purpose-filled training. We have been blessed to watch Millers Grain House grow into a vibrant community of customers and friends who share the interest of whole grains, and healthy whole living. We are always looking for others to join with us in this journey and are grateful for the opportunity to share whole wheat milling ideas, baking tips, recipes, and lots of money-saving suggestions.

Be sure to check out the Wonder Junior Deluxe as well as all our other mills, and the WonderMix Kitchen Mixer that make bread making a snap.

If you’re storing dry food and grains there certainly is a learning curve!  Mention this ad when you purchase anything from Millers Grain House and receive The Miller’s Guide for FREE!  An easy to follow, downloadable guide to using and storing whole grains (and other foods), money saving tips, troubleshooting techniques and 25 Whole Grain Bread Recipes!  Go online, email or call weekdays: 828.536.4988



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At Better Batter, we believe that you should eat freely.
We believe that everyone should eat real-tasting food, using regular recipes, at reasonable prices.
We’re committed to developing and marketing the very best in gluten and allergen free products, and we pledge to do everything we can to meet your dietary needs in an affordable manner.
We’re constantly looking for ways to save you money and to put products into your hands that make sense. When you buy Better Batter products, you’re not going to find allergens, sub-par ingredients, hidden costs (like the need to add your own xanthan gum or fat) or chintzy portion sizes – when you order our products, you’ll get a full sized product that will be good enough to feed anyone without apology.
At Better Batter, we believe that we should give freely
What would it profit us to gain a fortune and lose our souls?
We donate at least 10% of our net profits to social and charitable causes.
Visit us at for more information on the ways we contribute to causes, with any questions you may have, suggestion, or new recipe requests. We look forward to hearing from you.

Website        Facebook          Twitter          Pinterest          Google+

Better Batter Gluten Free Flour

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KKUSA Logo v3 - Plain White

Superior Camping Kettles for Every Need and for Any Situation

The Kelly Kettle has made boiling water in the outdoors quick and easy-even in the most extreme weather conditions. Boil water Ultra-Fast using all natural fuel like sticks and twigs or dry grass. Boil water and cook all at the same time with the Kelly Kettle cook set and pot support, or, use the new Hobo Stove to cook all your favorite foods over the hot coals in the firebase. Great for any outdoor enthusiast, any emergency preparedness plan, or just living off the grid. Buy any Kelly Kettle, or any Kelly Kettle Kit, and receive $5 Off using “trayer5” in the coupon code box on check out. Or call us at 208-359-3123

Kelly Kettle Boil Water – Cook Fast – and – Survive

Join Us…

Packing the Ultimate Kit sm

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Beyond Off Grid with byline 500

Beyond Off Grid
Beyond Off Grid is a documentary film and media project devoted to inspiring and equipping you to Return to the Old Paths of sustainable self-reliant living. The Beyond Off Grid Summit is a training series with both online training and video produced from a live hands-on training event, taught by a wide range of experts.  The documentary film teaching why you need to reduce your dependence on modern systems.  The Summit training series brings you experts and experienced homesteaders to teach the skills needed to survive and thrive with a more self-reliant lifestyle.

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Seeds for Generations
Seeds for Generations is a small family business that provides organic heirloom garden seeds and inspiration for families to garden together and produce more of their own food.  Founder Jason Matyas has gardened his entire life, and together with his wife and 7 children, they raise and preserve most of the vegetables they eat each year.  They are passionate about inspiring and teaching others to grow more of their own food, that our families, communities, and nation would be more self-reliant and healthy for generations to come.

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Pantry Paratus is your resource for the hard-to-find self-sufficiency kitchen supplies that every homesteading kitchen must have. All of your food preservation tools, along with bulk spices, off-grid kitchen tools, water purification, and more.  The best part?  Since this is a family-owned business, they know exactly how to use everything they sell and can offer the best support around. Get ready for the holidays yourself and gift someone with tools to propel them towards preparedness.

Visit Pantry Paratus here.

old-fashioned Christmas

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Peet Dryer

PEET dryers are probably the most famous “footwear upkeep” products of all time. The reason is simple. It’s an easy-to-use device that eliminates an exasperating everyday life irritation – starting out outdoor adventures (or your workday) in damp, uncomfortable footwear.

It was just one too many mornings…

Fifty years ago Gene Peet had enough. Putting on the soggy boots from the day before was no way to start out his day. He took action to do something about it, and invented and introduced the boot dryer in 1968. Outdoorsmen (and people who made their living working outdoors) enthusiastically adopted Gene’s invention.
The best way to dry leather is “Lo&Slo”

Drying wet footwear takes time. Properly drying leather takes place overnight. Speed drying will dry the leather, but in the process, negatively impact its molecular structure. Over time, this causes leather to lose its supple comfort, flexing strength and protective qualities.




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My Favorite Books


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CLICK HERE for your downloadable copy of the Trayer Wilderness 2016 Gift Giving Guide