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Thanks so much for joining me for Simple Life Sunday.  Grab your cup of tea or coffee and sit down with me and join me while I look through all the wonderful posts everyone has shared! Before you leave be sure to share one of your favorite posts.

I hope you all survived your week with grace!  It was a crazy last two weeks in our home, but God really shined in SO many ways!!

I working wiser this year in an effort to work smarter not harder, the Mountain Man is busy with a lot of spring chores because our spring (we don’t usually have one) came early and the Mountain Boy is working on some custom leather work and his schooling, but God really shined on the Mountain Boy this week.

The Mountain Boy will be taking his driving test this Friday so plese keep him in your prayers.   As many of you know, our Mountain Boy is high functioning autistic.  He has never ever used it as a crutch in his life and has always worked through the struggles that it may cause.  Driving has been no different, for autistic people it can be really hard to do multiple things at one time.  It becomes very overwhelming.  Another struggle we have experienced is reaction time or lack there of.  All of this played a roll in him driving and were things we needed to creativily address.  He is doing amazing.  He passed the written test last summer and we feel very confident that he will pass the driving test on Friday.  The next step will be to teach him how to drive his 1951 Willy Jeep which is a 4 speed and will require yet another learning curve, but we are very faithful and enjoy watching God’s hand in all of this!

I’d also like to share with you how God shined this week for the Mountain Boy.  This week was his 2nd practice with the music team at church.  He LOVES to sing and has the ability to remember every word to a song after only hearing it once, BUT being in front of people can be tough enough let alone singing in front of people which he has never done (other than with me and  to our animals).

The 1st night he sat on a chair up with the music team and he sang, but was reserved.  He finally picked up the microphone to join in with everyone and they ended things for the night.  So this week when we arrived he took the microphone and joined in still sitting on the chair, still nervous and reserved!

They sang the 1st song and the pastor was surprised that he knew the song.  I could see that he was getting a bit more comfortable so I motioned to him to standup and join them.   I have to say he totally knocked my socks off when he stood up and not only did he stand up, but he ROCKED IT!!  It totally brought tears to my eyes and they are welling up as I write this!  This is coming from a young man who did not really start speaking clearly until he was in between 8 & 9 and has been uncomfortable in front of crowds and people!!  This was so huge and he was singing his heart out an closing his eyes to Jesus!!

WOW – does God work in amazing ways and I TOTALLY see God using my young man’s voice to reach people!!!  Wooohoooo – so that was my excitement for the week that will stay with me FOREVER!

How did God work in your life this week or that of you families?

Now, let me move on to the task at hand here….  I’d like to thank Kristi from Family Home and Health for sharing her incredible post written by her guest contributor, her father, titled Healing Faith and Cancer.  What an incredible post on Faith and it is such an important perspective and one we hold up very strongly and with a passion!  I feel that the closer we walk with the Lord the more he will show us and the more he will provide.  Being faithful is the first step in my opinion.  Trusting something we can not see, but know is present and very active in our lives.  Kristi thank you for sharing and also thank your father for his wonderful insight on the subject and his story!  This really hit home because we have a friend going through cancer right now and he is KICKIN’ it and it too is because of his STRONG faith and his many prayer warrior’s.  The Power of Pray is another very important aspect in things too…  Kristi, blessings to you and yours!!

As always, I would like thank each and everyone of you for sharing your posts!  There are great meal planning posts, recipes, inspirational, information on goats, growing great tomatoes and SO on….  So please be sure if you haven’t to check out what was shared last week and learn from one another!   I really appreciate you all being willing to take time each week and share with myself and everyone!

May each of you have a blessed week and I look so very forward to your shares and communications!

 Thank you for sharing and I would like to invite  you to join Kat’s Sunday Social (our sister hop).

I look very forward to seeing what you will have to share this week!

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God bless you and yours and may your day be filled with Simple Pleasures!

Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><



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