3D-Crossroads-white-background-smallerI would like to introduce you to my FAVORITE #1 Best Selling Christian fiction author, Cathy Bryant.   I had never found an author that has caused me to be so extremely cautious as to when I pick up their books until I read Cathy Bryant’s first book about two years ago!!  Now let me explain this, I have to be cautious with her books because I struggle greatly to put them down and stay focused on my work, writing and honestly EVERYTHING until I have completed the book…. They are SOOOOO good!!

Cathy’s writing style keeps your nose buried in the book eager to find out what is coming next and next and next….  I really love her writing style, the small town setting to which I am so very accustomed, the characters that make a difference in your life and wish you knew personally and the best part is how you can relate is some way personally or through that of a friend/family member to the activities occurring in each chapter.  There is food for thought found on each page and I always feel so incredibly refreshed, enlightened, enriched and even saddened at the end of the book – saddened only because it has come to an end and I am eager to read more and must now wait for her next book! ♥

I encourage you to pick up one of Cathy’s books and currently on Amazon at the time of posting this review her books range in price from $.99 to $1.49.  You will not be disappointed!




These are Miller’s Creek novels, books that tell stories of ordinary people with ordinary problems and an extraordinary God. So step into the pages of Miller’s Creek, Texas…where folks are friendly, the iced tea is sweet, and Mama Beth’s front porch beckons. The Miller’s Creek novels include:

Texas Roads (2009 American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis finalist & Amazon Bestseller with over 140 5-star reviews)
A Path Less Traveled (Amazon Bestseller with over 95 5-star reviews)
The Way of Grace (Amazon Bestseller with over 85 5-star reviews)
Pilgrimage of Promise (2013 Grace award reader nominee and Amazon Bestseller with over 100 5-star reviews)
A Bridge Unbroken (Amazon Bestseller rated at 4.7 stars)
Crossroads (Amazon Bestseller rated at 4.8 stars)

My suggestion to you today is to purchase ALL of her books since they are so reasonably priced and start with her first book and work your way to Crossroads.  The reason I say this is because it will paint a very vivid picture in your mind from the beginning and you will find some of the characters return in the future books and it really creates a strong connection to this small community and an eagerness for more.  Additionally, by doing this you may get to Crossroads just in time for her next book to be released and you can just keep going…   Keep in mind that you can easily read them out of order, but I encourage you to pick them all up because they have all played a significant roll in my growth spiritually and personally.

Her latest book Crossroads is about a soldier’s battler for a prodigal soul.  It is compelling and real.

Click here to read the first chapter…

My hope is that you enjoy Cathy’s books as much as I do and are touched just as I am.   I feel Cathy’s books make amazing gifts as well and are so worth sharing with others.

In addition to being able to get her books inexpensively, you also have the opportunity to join her this week.  She is having a Book Launch Party on the 30th here where she will be sharing herself with you as well as doing some fantastic prize giveaways AND you will be able to listen in on the 29th to my interview with her on my Mountain Woman Radio here (if you click before the 29th it will not be available, but PLEASE come back – it was an awesome interview and fun conversation).

Mountain Woman Radio - Episode 97 - Cathy Bryant Christian Author

You can also find Cathy’s devotionals and posts on her blog here and while you are there be sure to sign up for her newsletter so you can stay up on when her next book is available.    I hope you decide to give her books a try and are as touched as I have been….


Tam † ♥

If you have read Cathy Bryant’s books or have just purchased one today, please come back and post in the comments below….  

I would love to know what you thought of them….

Who are some other Christian authors that you are fond of?

Crossroads by Cathy Bryant


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