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January 12th, 2018: In today’s show I continue with #LivingWithIntention so that we all stay on track through the month of January creating new habits, being true to ourselves and our goals and fulfilling those New Year’s Resolutions.  It all starts with Getting Our Schedule Under Control!

How did you do last week with your homework?  Did you really think about how you spend your time and how you can better implement these three things in your life? #LivingWithIntention #BeTrue2Jesus #BeTrue2Self

I feel that as we incorporate these goals into our lives we will start to see our purpose in this life or if we know what that is already it will become more focused.

If we are still on this earth, it is because God is not done with us yet. We have a greater purpose in this life!

Some weeks are going to be harder than others as life is, going to happens BUT every week we can all hone ourselves back in together here!

The unique thing about this journey we are on is that we have the ability to influence so many people. Do you want to be a positive or negative influence? We have the power to change lives and change the world on this journey.

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