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July 14th, 2017: In today’s show I educate on GMO’s.  There is a lot of controversy over GMO’s – some say they will take us into the future and provide our food supply, others like myself who are seeing the awful affects are saying they are poison.  You need to decide, but it is TIME that YOU educate yourself!  My dear friend Rhonda at The Farmers Lamp shared a GREAT article Beyond The GMO Propaganda.  It is important that you read this and educate yourself.  You decide!  Everytime I eat ANYTHING with GMO’s I get horribly sick!

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For those of you that are unable to stream podcasts or would rather have the opportunity to read, below you will find the transcription of today’s podcast:

You’re listening to the Mountain Woman radio show which can be found on our website at trayerwilderness.com and also on iTunes. You’re listening to the Mountain Woman radio show which can be found on our website at trayerwilderness.com and also on iTunes.

Welcome to the Mountain Woman radio show where we are homesteading traditionally 100% off grid today and offering preparedness and survival tips for tomorrow here’s your host; Tammy Trayer.

Tammy: Hey everyone, glad to have joining me today and welcome to my north Idaho wilderness we’re out walking and I’m out with my favorite children today and getting some peace, some exercise and giving them the same; I saw it during our walks and through running around is good for them and so for me as well [chuckles]. Many of you know that I was on the healing side of breast implant illness and some of the struggles that I still have even though I have healed for the most part is that I have to be very cautious of certain things: one of which is mould, mould will create auto-immune reactions, for me it causes me to get very sick and I need to be away from [e-maps] which are electromagnetic frequencies which makes living off the grid the absolute best location for me, because we don’t have high tension lines and wires and that around our home. However, when I go to town I do get affected by it and it’s just one of those odd things that I have to be really cautious of. The other thing I’ve got to be really cautious of is what I put on and in my body. Meaning topically and what I eat and it brings up the discussion of GMO’s. I say that to many people locally often and it surprises me with the reaction that I get. Many people don’t know what a GMO is and I would bet that many of you aren’t familiar with GMO’s.

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms, sadly they are in much of our food today and what that–what genetically modified organisms mean is that it’s not something that was handed down from my ancestors, it’s not an heirloom seed that was-that’s 100 years old and still going strong, it’s something that was grown in a lab and that was modified by scientists and there are many perspectives on GMO’s. There’s one side that’s all excited because scientists can continue to provide our food supply. However, they don’t test or see the side effects for years and we are now seeing side effects from genetically modified organisms and sadly there’s many with blinders on both in our government and in our society that just don’t want to acknowledge that our food is a problem but I’m here to tell you our food is a very big problem. Eating for me is extremely overrated, it is the hardest thing I have to do because I have to find organic non GMO foods in our food supply and locally as well which makes it tricky when you live like we do. Not having access to health food stores like the average person does that are only 10, 15 minutes away. The good health food stores are an hour to two hours away from me. So being able to access certain things can be really tricky. However, we have online options such as Amazon and Thrive Market, Zaycon meats, you can access Amazon by going to trayerwilderness.com/Amazon, they have an Amazon pantry or prime pantry as well as just regular prime but there are all kinds of organic options available and you can go to trayerwilderness.com/thrivemarket and trayerwilderness.com/zayconfoods.

But the thing that people don’t also realize is–okay so corn it’s a great example, canola is another example. They’re genetically modified seeds, those seeds some of the genetically modified seeds are designed in such a way that when they grow, fertilizers have been genetically incorporated into the seeds. So if an insect eats it and kills it from the inside out drying up its organs and turning them to dust, what do you think that does to our bodies? Soon as I have anything with GMO in it I get sick, my face flares, my face swells with red splotches and I am sick for a lot of days and it’s really not a pleasantry. So I got to be very selective on what I eat so now eating out with friends sometimes I tend to-I feel as though I may insult them with their cooking and it’s not their cooking, it’s just GMO’s and even seasonings are flavored with natural flavorings; natural flavorings today in our food supply could include MSG. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is toxic to my body and to many others. I have a friend who when she eats it all of her organs swell until she needs to go the hospital, it’s deadly for her and it’s no different for me it gets worse as I get older. So it’s really important that you realize how these GMO’s are in our food and how they are affecting us corn, corn syrup is in everything and Canola oil is in a lot of things. It’s not like before where our grandparents and great grandparents can get something off the shelf that was made of quality products it’s just not the same anymore and genetically modified organisms start out as seeds but from there in time it travels into our food it carries on and the other thing that people don’t realize is when you feed your chickens GMO feed, your chickens are laying GMO eggs and their meat is GMO meat. So it’s no longer organic even if you’re raising it on your homestead it’s just not. So it’s really important that you educate yourself on GMO’s and focus on trying to feed your family as much

So it’s really important that you educate yourself on GMO’s and focus on trying to feed your family as much non-GMO food as you can because what people don’t realize is the GMO’s are causing a lot of our digestive issues and our digestive issues cause all kinds of other health issues including auto-immune diseases which there is a huge rise in the number of auto-immune diseases Hashimoto disease, Lupus, all kinds of auto-immune diseases and being that my auto-immune system is impaired and I just can’t risk, I just can’t risk eating those things. So it’s gotten to the point where I find–I found out how sick I get eating GMO’s, that it is just not worth what’s going to happen to me; I refuse to eat regardless how hungry I am or drink if there is not a good source of food or liquid. I’ve got to be so careful what I’m drinking, I can’t have sugar in my diet so I use our own Stevia but that means I can’t go out and I can’t be drinking all these juices that are high in corn syrup, I’ve got to stick with water, coconut water and such things and I really do focus on water anyway and we have beautiful well water. But it’s just the point that people don’t realize how much toxins and poisons we’re putting in our system from our food and it really started for me when the Mountain Boy needed to go on a gluten free and dairy free diet; that was 14 years ago and when I really started analyzing the labels then I realized how much junk was in our food.  Stuff that you can’t even pronounce, is just not healthy and I wouldn’t eat it-you know from that point on, we focused on making everything from scratch and we do, but now I’ve also got to keep in mind that when I’m getting my from scratch ingredients, I need to be consciously aware that I am getting non-GMO ingredients so that what I am making is wholesome. So it can really be very complicated, it sounds complicated, the complicated part is that if we keep letting the scientists make our food and allowing the companies to process all our foods and not really caring or being cautious and conscious of the ingredients we are putting in our food, our healthy food supply is going to diminish and all we’re going to have left is junk and I just don’t want to see that happen, but in order for that not to happen we need to all be very proactive and be aware.  The biggest thing is to initially be aware–I’ve been to so many different places recently looking for like non-GMO coconut milk when I go to get a tea or something at a coffee shop and they don’t know what I mean and all the different sugars on their shelves that are all made of corn syrup, is just making a conscious effort and being aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. The next thing is that I’ve got to be conscious of what I’m putting on my body because those things absorb into your skin, into your scalp, into your hair and my body is so different senses illness that I have to be very cautious that I’m putting

The next thing is that I’ve got to be conscious of what I’m putting on my body because those things absorb into your skin, into your scalp, into your hair and my body is so different since my illness that I have to be very cautious that I’m putting non-GMO ingredients on my skin as well and not putting other toxins back into my skin. So my hair care and I don’t wear a lot of makeup but what I do wear is quality made products that I can trust. So those are things I’ll be sharing in a blog post upcoming so that you can find out the different things that I am using, but like every day after my shower I put coconut oil on my body and it’s got to be non-GMO or I get sick, it’s just being aware and the thing is once you get off of GMO foods, it’s hard to go back and have something with GMO’s because then your body gets used to not having them. Right now it’s considered a toxin and your body’s not sure what to do with it which is what causes a lot of the obesity in the United States because the body doesn’t know what to do with these toxins and then

They are considered a toxin and your body’s not sure what to do with it which is what causes a lot of the obesity in the United States because the body doesn’t know what to do with these toxins and then the body just shoves the toxins in our fat because that’s the safe keeping spot for it, versus trying to process it so, hence why people gain weight and can’t lose it.  It is because of the food we’re taking in, it’s also why most people can’t sleep and don’t rest well and struggle with varying achy joints and sore muscles and swollen legs and it’s just–it’s really becoming an epidemic and people don’t even realize it and neither does our medical system and it’s important that you realize that by eating a good healthy non-GMO diet, you can cure a lot of illnesses and heal a lot of problems by just removing those things from your diet.  I’m telling you this because I am living it and people need to be aware.

So I wanted to put the word out there, I will talk more about this, this is just a little taste I want you to be aware of what a GMO is and I encourage you to go look it up and stay tuned for a blog post and more topics on this as we discuss it and how it is affecting everybody in our society but pay attention to what you’re eating – fast food, processed foods, non-organic foods are jam packed with GMO’s and there’s a lot of companies that are trying to do it right and they’re trying to get good labeling on our products because like I said right now — FDA has allowed companies to put natural flavorings on things and M.S.G. could be in anything from dairy to your spices, to yours sauces, your dressings and you’ll never know it because it’s nicely hidden under the words “natural flavorings”. So really start paying attention and try cutting them out of your diet and watch how your health changes. I encourage you and recommend that you start paying more attention and researching it yourself – do your due diligence. Those are my thoughts for today, I look forward to visiting with you next Friday and I wish you all a great week and until then you guys take care and God bless.

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