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Mountain Woman Radio Episode 113 Dr Kirk Elliott Americas Financial DoctorSeptember 2nd, 2015: In today’s show we talk about the current financial struggles our country is having and how that will affect our future.  I had the extreme privilege to share with you Dr. Kirk Elliot who is an economist, as well as a political, economic and social commentator. Dr. Elliott, known as America’s Financial Doctor (www.americasfinancialdoctor.com), is the founder of Today’s America (www.todaysamerica.com), which is a community bringing together some of the most well known social and fiscal conservatives in the country on issues like: Sanctity of Life, Sanctity of Marriage, Politics, Economic Freedom, Religious Freedom, Culture, Family, Middle East and Worldview. Recently Dr. Elliott was the writer and producer of an alarming DVD, which is a wakeup call to America titled, “300 Million Slaves.” (www.300millionslaves.com)

Dr. Elliott is spreading the message on national TV interviews and national radio interviews, including FamilyTalk with Dr. James Dobson, The Mike Huckabee Show,  The Kevin McCullough Show, The Dani Johnson Show, the Baldwin McCullough Show and the TV networks Daystar, SkyAngel and ABC Family, along with conferences all over America. Dr. Elliott’s message is timely, disturbing and hard hitting about how the United States is plagued with economic, political, geo-political and social problems, but it is also full of hope. Dr. Elliott continually discusses the root causes of how the U.S. has arrived at this point, the implications of not acting, and he provides a solution that will equip, empower and challenge the viewer to engage their community and reclaim lost ground in this battle for our culture. As a nation, America is morally bankrupt. We need to wake up before it is too late. Future generations require that we fight for our freedoms NOW before they are lost forever.

Dr. Elliott serves as a wealth manager for the McAlvany Financial Group, directing assets for over 1800 clients in America and other parts of the world. Asset preservation and protection is absolutely necessary with the inflationary policies, destruction of our dollar, higher taxation and rising interest rates that will ravage financial markets for Dr. Elliott also serves on the boards for Dr. James Dobson, Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA, and Students for Life. He has previously served as adjunct faculty for Fort Lewis College,  Liberty University and Walden University in the areas of Economics, Public Policy and International Business.

Dr. Elliott lives in Southwest Colorado with his wife and two children.


DIRECT LINE: (866) 211-8986

WEBSITE: www.americasfinancialdoctor.com

EMAIL: [email protected]

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