a-physical-digital-library-on-the-homesteadI absolutely LOVE to read and I equally LOVE to learn as much as I can.  There are many ways to gain knowledge this day in age.  Having a homestead library is important and I never thought I would be able to convert to reading off a machine such as my iPad or a Kindle.  It just didn’t seem ethical to me! 🙂  I grew up with a book in my hand and there is something very special about the feel of a physical book and having my nose buried in it!

BUT, I am here to tell you that I have officially been converted, actually about three years ago when I purchased my iPad.  I had reviewed things on my iPhone, but the screen is so small it is hard on the eyes, but the iPad converted me.

Now don’t get me wrong I still have a great passion for the physical book to which there are many specific ones that I will mention below that I feel are a MUST for every homestead, but when you are able to get many great books very inexpensively or free to add to your digital library I feel that is a great avenue to take.  We have all read that not so good book – it was ok, but maybe not worth the money we spent on it.  I think that expanding your digital library is a great way to determine which books would be the best for your physical library.

Why both libraries?  Well, we live in a fallen and very unstable world in my humble opinion and if there were ever to come a time that our machines didn’t work, whether an EMP or maybe just no power, you would want physical books on hand.  That is why we choose to weed through our digital library and if it is something that would be extremely worthy to have on our homestead we purchase the physical copy.

Here are a list of books that I feel are extremely important to have in your physical library:

Note:  This list is constantly being added to…

Tammy Trayer ♥ The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1

Tammy Trayer ♥ How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle ~ Our Journey & A Step By Step Look At The Lifestyle

Susan Vinskofski’s The Art Of Gardening : Building Your Soil

Angie Schneider’s The Gardening Notebook

There are many great avenues to get your books.  Yard sales, flea markets, Ebay, used book stores, and Amazon are great places to find great used physical books.

For your digital library, you always have Amazon and websites with independent sales, but there are also such things as bundle sales.  What is a bundle sale?  A bundle sale is where a bunch of authors go together and combine all their books to provide a very well-rounded avenue of learning.  Typically, the bundles range in price from $29.00 to maybe $50.00 and you receive a very large quantity and value for your money.  I have personally bought many bundles and feel I have gotten extremely more than my monies worth.

Right now there is a GREAT bundle available to you.  It is a bit different than other bundles I have seen and participated in.  This bundle is FREE.  There are some great book in this bundle including The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1.  I am very thankful for Shop Ethically‘s unique and free bundle as well as the opportunity to be a part of it!  You will find 20+ books and courses available for FREE and all you have to do is CLICK HERE.  That is the only obligation on your part!!


So if you love reading and learning as much as I do, don’t wait another minute.  Head over to Shop Ethically and get your free copy of these amazing books and courses.  I got mine and I am very pleased.

I wanted to point out also that my dear friend Susan Vinskofski’s book The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil is also a part of this bundle.  I recommend her book all the time when discussing gardening.  Not only is her book packed with priceless information it is one of the most unique and pretty books I own with all the beautiful illustrations included within.

I highly encourage you to build your physical library and when you have the opportunity to purchase these wonderful bundles to do so, especially when they are FREE!

If you have taken part in Shop Ethically’s FREE bundle, be sure to head over to TrayerWildernessAcademy.com and add your email to our waiting list.  By doing so, you will receive some great FREE materials and you will receive a coupon for a discounted membership once we have everything in place…

Do you also enjoy learning and reading?

What are some fo your favorite books?



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