Well it was quite the experience! Let me tell you 1st about the hours leading up to the event.

We had guests, many… We’ve been entertaining many different people this year, but this day Glen’s Mom and Dad were joining us.

It was a crazy day spent doing many things and one of which was cutting habeneras for my Trayer Wilderness Hot Pepper Mustard.

Cutting Habs, as we call them, is a grueling and dangerous task to begin with. I rarely ever get volunteers to assist. 🙂 Habs need to be cut with layers of gloves to eliminate burning hands for days!! (Exaggeration, but it is something you truly don’t want to experience)

After hours of chopping, stirring the mustard, jarring it and having the kitchen needing special care, everyone else was ready for bed.

We were given a SPECIAL hot sauce recipe that we’ve enjoyed for years and were very fond of. Thank you Joel!! It came with many warnings.

I was tired (extremely), but I had the kitchen polluted and I had the Habs ready to be ground. I didn’t want to clean everything up only to pollute things again the next day and I was a bit behind on my work. The recipe stated that I only needed to simmer the mixture for 5 minutes and there were no warnings on this part of the recipe.

Momma Trayer stayed up with me and suddenly we both started suffering from burning eyes and a bit of a struggle catching our breath. Next we heard the Mountain Boy coughing and also appearing to struggle catching his breath.

We quickly opened up all the windows and then my Mountain Man sat straight up in our bed in the loft. He too was suffering from burning eyes and the inability to catch a full breath.

He came downstairs with a smile on his face and said “Yep, that is definitely Joel’s Hot Sauce!”

Now the scary part is we evaded death #595, but this hot sauce is not completed. After all that the concoction needed to sit for two weeks prior to being reheated and canned. So we ask for your prayers this week while we complete the project!! 🙂

We may share the recipe upcoming if we are granted the opportunity to share the recipe. Otherwise we could be opening ourselves up for another near death experience for sharing a family secret!!

This post is dedicated to Joel and Jody. Jody, you missed this near death experience and Joel, thanks for sharing your recipe….