Remember the show that started airing back in 1985 entitled MacGyver?  You know the fella that could turn a piece of junk into some useful thing. ~ Mountain Man in the smithy

Well I have my own MacGyver and I have so much faith in him that I truly believe he could make a gun out of a paper clip!! 🙂  Seriously!!!








I am very blessed to have such a man in my life.  He is a truly loving Husband and my best friend, a good Dad,

Mountain Man & Mountain Boy
Sword making project in the Smithy

a strong and protective leader of our family, a man’s man – true to his word and would give the shirt off his back, a true cowboy,

My Mountain Man
doing some Self Reliance Training

survivalist and a mechanical genius.  I love my man and I am proud of him and I am comforted by his talents.

I love watching him work, build and manufacture things.  It is truly amazing how he gets ideas in his head and without transferring them to paper he is off and working on them.   Now also keep in mind that he doesn’t just slap these things together, they are meticulously crafted.  This Summer alone I watched him build a sawmill from ground up, build a 10′ x 10′ tree house for our son, our chicken coop, a rabbit hutch, but the awing part is he fine tunes and adds such unique things.  His mind amazes me! ~ laying boxes for the chickens ~ Exterior access to the laying boxes on the chicken coop ~ Chicken Coop ~ Mountain Man built tree house ~ Mountain Man built a tree house – view of the front ~ Mountain Man built tree house with dutch doors for good ventilation

Yesterday he manufactured parts to re-position the muffler and the oil filter on our sawmill. It is just amazing to watch him work, to see how his mind just wraps around things and how is just able to make things happen.  I am very grateful for his talents and when he sees a piece of scrap metal or junk and his eyes sparkle I know there is a project in the making. ~ Mountain Man knife from a railroad spike ~ Mountain Man made pot rack for our cast iron ~ Mountain Man made chisels on the forge ~ Mountain Man made trapping shovel ~ Mountain Man designs piveting solar mount ~ Mountain Man & Mountain Boy build log smokehouse ~ Mountain Man with a good days catch trapping ~ Mountain Man smokehouse – check out the door – LOVE IT! ~ Mountain Man cooking traditionally

Today is dedicated to my Man and many prayers of thanks have been sent above for blessings me with such a man!!

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