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Be sure to spread the word and tell your friend’s!  You are going to need a BIG glass when you sit down today to look over the Mountain Woman Rendezvous!!

As promised, below are the featured picks from the last 4 weeks.  Thanks for your patience.  Things have not slowed down, but I decided to slow down enough today to enjoy the posts and choose my favorites!

Making Memories in Unexpected Ways

Ok…  This one came to me quickly from Week #53 because my Mountain Boy is visiting his grandparents and I know he is making memories, but WOW do I miss him.  He and I make memories in EVERYTHING we do and right now – today I will be canning peaches and this weekend, green beans and pickles and he is my canning buddy!  He LOVES to chop things – I don’t even have to ask him – he is just there when he knows I am canning and he is the for the DAY without complaint and we have SO much fun….  Take the time to make memories with those you love – life is short and everyone needs special memories to hold on to that are near and dear to their hearts.  At the same time I am enjoying my boy while we are canning I reflect back to my parents and grandparents and the joys I hold dear in the memories of canning with them.  A special thank you to Kathi from for sharing Making Memories In Unexpected Ways!  It hit home and struck and tear filled cord envisioning my boy doing similar things with his grandparents right now!  Blessings lovely and thank you for taking the time to share!


Thanks to my dear friend Janet at for sharing  her Scavenger Hunt that she and are hosting…  Check it out and get involved because there are prizes at the end of the hunt and it sounds like GREAT fun!!  Blessings lovey and what a COOL idea!!

Aging Gracefully

Kathi from featured another titled Aging Gracefully and I feel this covers some pretty interesting thoughts and honestly thoughts I have not yet considered.  Kathi my plan has been to climb these mountains well into my 80’s, but the Lord only knows if my body will cooperate that long…  Great post and I felt very worth sharing because we have homesteaders of all ages…  Blessings and LOVED the Jam Bars that you shared too – I am going to convert that to a gluten free recipe and enjoy nibbling.. 🙂

Solar Shower and Solar Water Heater

A special thank you to my dear friend Millie for sharing this post…  That view is now stuck in my head…  Not only is her post amazing I can honestly vouch for how effective and useful her solar shower is because I got to try it!!  What a view from that privy/shower house.  I brushed my teeth on the other side of that door and got to enjoy that view for a few day.  Millie contributed a post from her titled Our Solar Shower and Solar Water Heater.  Honestly this idea is ingenious and I highly recommend you check out her post.  Thank lovely lady for taking the time to share this!  Love and prayers to the family!

Ok…  Just so you don’t think I am a homesteader with no math skills, I do really know I have featured 5 and not 4…  You guys make this SO hard…  There are SO many good posts shared EVERY week so PLEASE be sure to go back and look over what is shared weekly because there is so much to be gained from one another…  I love the posts that were shared on making your own fruit pectin for canning…

preserving orange zest

Thank you Stephanie for stopping by and sharing your post titled Make Your Own Dried Orange Zest.   I just dried celery and blueberries in the Sun Oven and I LOVE being able to add more food, teas, spices, etc to my shelves.  So thank you for taking the time to share on MWR and I look forward to you joining me some more!  Blessings to you and yours!

Whoooo….  That was a tough one today…  I must try to keep up better it would be so mind intensive deciding, but honestly it is tricky each week!

I appreciate you all that take the time to share and also to stop by to see what is being shared!

Thanks so much for joining me.  I look forward to seeing what you all have to share today…


Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><

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