Lost On Hope Island by Patricia Harmon is geared for middle-grade children, but if you have a homesteaders heart or a preparedness mindset you will greatly enjoy this book as well!  This would also make a great family read-a-loud book that teaches great lessons and touches on the important topics of birth, death, racial diversity, climate change, loneliness, courage, family and most importantly, hope.  I had a very hard time putting it down once I started it.

I ♥ sharing my favorite books and authors with you all.  There is nothing better than a good cup of tea (Pukka Love – organic lavender, chamomile and rose) and a good book during our rainy season or any season for that matter because I LOVE READING.  Our rainy season can last a full month in the spring and the fall and it gets pretty old for a girl like myself that requires direct sun so I love being swept away in a good book!  I enjoyed being on the beach and enjoying the adventures…

With 35 years of experience as a midwife, author Patricia Harman has drawn inspiration from her over 1,000 birth experiences to craft excellent stories such as her brand new adventure novel, Lost On Hope Island:  The Amazing Tale Of The Little Goat Midwives.  A very well written, alluring tale that tells the story of a brother and sister who must learn to survive on their own after getting shipwrecked while on a trip with their parents.  Although they are frightened and unsure of the future, they learn to rely on each other and the resources on the island to stay alive.

There was so much within this book that I could relate to as an off-grid homesteader.  If you are trying to teach your children about preparedness or to think out of the box, this book is highly recommended.  Our focus in all of our posts and videos is to reach all ages.  It is very important for children as well as adults to know basic survival skills and to learn to expand their daily thinking into one of how your days tasks can further prepare you for tomorrow.

So many people today have a very narrow look at preparedness and survival.  They focus on putting things aside in quantity to be prepared moving forward, but they don’t consider often what will happen in a survival situation when those rations are depleted.  Learning the skills necessary for future survival is key along with putting things aside for your future needs.  Those skills are the priceless tools that are more often than not overlooked!

Patricia’s book is a great starting place for both children and adults looking to embrace a newly adapted preparedness mindset.  It is very well rounded and teaches the reader to truly think out of the box for future survival.

Patricia has a wonderful writing style that keeps you hanging on and wanting more.  I feel  Lost On Hope Island:  The Amazing Tale Of The Little Goat Midwives is a wonderful book, but I also feel it is a great investment with all that it offers.

Honestly, I wish I had this book to read as a child!  I LOVED to read and LOVED exploring the outdoors, but this would have put so much into my head to expand on my already wild child desires and put me many steps ahead in my preparedness thinking early on in life!

I highly recommend Patricia Harmon’s books as an addition to your library! ♥



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