5-acre-off-grid-homestead-for-sale-lgOur 5 acre off-grid homestead in northern Idaho has been a labor of love. From purchasing the raw wilderness land site unseen, traveling 2,500 miles to setup camp and begin turning this rough patch into what we call home.

Our homestead is the perfect location for someone looking to be completely self-sustainable.

Here are the amenities that you will find:

* 40’ x 40’ fenced garden

* 12’ x 12’ divided barn perfect for goats or a cow and the 2nd story is a nice little workshop or child’s play area

* 15’ x 18’ log guest cabin

* Chicken coop on runners for easy relocation and outside access to the nesting boxes for easy egg gathering.

* 12’ x 12’ storage shed

* 16’ x 8’ woodshed

* 10’ x 10’ smithy

* 48v solar system with 16 panels and 8 batteries

* 150’ well pumping 30 gallons a minute of crystal clear water

* 30’ x 36’ home – basement includes mud room, utility room, food storage area and workshop/garage

* Living quarters is on the 2nd level which includes a loft – two bedrooms, bathroom with tub, shower and washer and dryer (toilet and sink too – note the home is plumbed just like any other home), kitchen, living room with wood stove, storage under stairs that go to the loft – the loft has a sitting area and the man cave and the she cave are upstairs which could also be used as bedrooms.

* Small back porch

* Small smokehouse

* Seasonal creek

* Surrounded by tall timber

* Legal access and gated mile long laneOur property is gated by the state of Idaho and has a mile long lane. If you are looking for a secluded property that is still accessible all year round, you have found your parcel. The population of the local town is a wee bit over 100, a blink and you have passed the post office and town. The next closest town is a population of roughly 300 and has a gas pump, local mercantile, library, church, laundromat, senior center, restaurant/bar, post office and elementary school. The next largest town of roughly 3,000 will provide a middle school, high school, hospital, doctors, dentists, grocery stores and a bit more to cover your immediate needs and is roughly a 30-minute drive. For your Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-mart, etc you are looking at roughly an hour drive. There are many churches in the near vicinity as well. This is a beautiful area of Idaho and many of the residents live very self-sustaining lifestyles. There is a great deal of whitetail deer, elk, moose, some mule deer, bear, turkey, grouse, and quail. A hunters dream and ideal for those looking to live off the land as we do.