On July 16th, a 69 year old male left the hospital after undergoing some treatments and suffered an unfortunate medical problem on his way home that led to a two car crash.

Our hero came to a stop sign and when looking both ways found two cars on their roofs and no one else in site.  He quickly reacted and found the occupants of the 1st car he came to shaken, but ok.  When he arrived at the 2nd car he found the 69 year old driver turning blue.  The driver was wearing his seat belt which fortunately protected him during the crash, but was now ironically threatening his life as he hung upside down and was being strangled by the belt.

Our hero was a retired EMT, but he is also loved and appreciated for his kind and caring heart.  He is a true Christian, a man’s man and would take the shirt off his back to help another.

Because of his quick actions and after crawling into the vehicle several times in efforts to free the man while still protecting his neck, he was able to successfully free the man.  He stayed with the man and kept his neck still until the paramedics were able to free him from the car.

It wasn’t until he received a phone call days later from the Point Township Police Department that it was brought to his attention that there was a live power line down and the car that he had entered several times to free the driver was leaking gas.

On August 14th, our hero, Poppa Trayer was awarded a Citizen Commendation by the Point Township Police for his heroism.

This story has brought tears to my eyes every time I think about it because of the amazing hand of grace that was on these two men on July 16th.  I also think of the amazing act that Poppa Trayer performed that day and how he saved a man, a husband, a father and a grandfather for someone else.  You can’t help but to think, if the tables were turned and this was your loved one in this situation, would a passerby stop and save them??

So many people today just drive by people along side the road, by accidents and so often are unaware of ambulances do to loud music, phones and being preoccupied.

We are very proud and also very thankful that God had his hand on Poppa Trayer on the 16th of July.  Poppa Trayer you mean the world to us and we love you dearly!  (tears)

So when you are driving down the road and you see someone stopped along side the road or an accident – if you don’t feel comfortable stopping (if you are a woman – today you do have to be careful) be sure to call 911 and if you pay more attention to the ambulances on the roads because someday it could be your family inside that is in dire need of special attention.


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