All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb. It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.

Well, we are never bored and I believe those that know us best would plea to differ that we are boring…, but all work and no play is neither fun nor healthy SO….

We chose to take our cousin’s out adventuring away from our work camp so they could see a bit of northern Idaho. Smile

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We ventured on out to a beautiful place called Crystal Lake.  The drive alone to the top of the mountain was breath taking and made us all grateful that we were not amongst the loggers that need to drive these very steep and narrow roads with absolutely no mercy.  The views were amazing seeing mountain upon mountain.   We are not trail hikers.  When our feet typically hit a trail we quickly find a way to escape the trails as if there is fire under our feet.  We are always the explorers hitting the unbeaten path in search of the terrain that has not seen human life in a long time.  There is so much to see out in the wilderness and we choose not to miss anything, but this trip was a bit different.  A friend shared their stories of their hike to Crystal Lake and it sounded like a place (although there were trails) worth checking out.  We hiked 2.5 miles in to Crystal Lake which is nestled near the top of the mountain.  It is said to be a glacier lake.  We were hiking in 90 degree temperatures and there was still snow at the top of the mountains above the lake.  It was a pretty scene, but our phobia of trails kicked in upon leaving and we ditched the trail and headed to the top of the mountain to hike the ridge back to the truck.  What a FANTASTIC hike!!

Many memories were made that day.  We thoroughly enjoy our opportunities to go exploring and to see what God has ahead for us on our next adventure….

We gave up the TV 7 years ago and don’t miss it,…. Not even a little, because our time is spent in the outdoors – adventuring, working, living and totally and completely enjoying our surroundings…  Take some time in the outdoors and see what you are missing….     Blessings…

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